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Dead Internet: what is this theory that is panicking the web ?

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Do you know the dead Internet theory which can be translated as the dead Internet ? It is the idea according to which the overwhelming majority of Internet traffic, trends, and memes are generated by AIs and robots. Clearly, humans would no longer have any power over the Internet and would have been completely replaced by machines.

Born on the site 4chan in the 2010s, the latter gained momentum after the publication of a long post on the Agora Road forum in 2021. Its author, American, shares his discomfort with the evolution of the Internet.

It is only more recently that the theory of the dead Internet has enjoyed viral success on the billionaire.

Is this theory realistic??

Elsewhere on the web, artists also express their dismay at the proliferation images generated by AI. They not only threaten their livelihood, they also sometimes tend to make the Internet ugly and don't bring anything very new.

However, is this theory realistic?? Certainly the Internet is full of more and more bots. More than half of traffic is now generated by the latter, which are often used to ensure the operation of a service, but also sometimes used by malicious actors.

However, and as our colleague from Forbes rightly points out, humans still have their say on the Internet. It is always flesh and blood users who create content of (more or less) good quality on social networks or generate memes with global impact.

Other than reposting and mimicking trends, bots aren't very creative. But this feeling of unease about what the Internet is becoming can also be understood. We live under the diktat of algorithms which guide our choices and our actions. On the other hand, the latter were initiated by companies and are therefore in no way machines that would dominate us lurking in the shadows.

What to remember&amp ;nbsp;:

  • The dead Internet theory is getting a lot of talk
  • < li>It implies that the Internet is totally dominated by machines

  • This idea illustrates a legitimate uneasiness, but it has not yet been verified in practice

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