Deadpool 3: “It's difficult”: why the film has still not been shot

Deadpool 3: “It’s hard”: Why the movie still hasn’t been released turned off

In 2018 the sequel to Deadpool was released. A third part must then be started. So why has the film still not been shot four years later? We try to see more clearly.

August 2015. Deadpoolhas not even been released in theaters that its director, Tim Miller, is already talking about the possibility of shooting a sequel, a project which will also allude to a post-credits scene in which the eponymous character talks about a second opus with Cable . Eventually supervised by David Leitch, co-director of John Wick (2014), Deadpool 2arrives in dark rooms in 2018, garnering rather mixed reviews from the press but more than respectable box office entries. Enough to convince the producers to consider a new sequel.

On the Fox side, we are talking about Deadpool 3since November 2016, nine months after the theatrical release of the first opus. If Leitch directed the second film, there are plans to offer this third installment to another filmmaker. However, two years later, Ryan Reynolds doubts the viability of the project, the studio focusing on the X-Force. In 2021, the actor is still acting up by revealing that the film envisaged some time earlier would have brought together Deadpool and Wolverine, both embarked on a Rashomon-style road trip. Disney bought Fox four years ago…

Deadpool 3 was born from the marriage of Disney and Fox

As of 2022, Deadpool 3 has still not started filming. So what's going on behind the scenes at Marvel? Asked about the subject by The Playlist, Rhett Reese tries to explain the situation: “We want to make a great movie. We're in the lab working on it with Ryan Reynolds the whole time, and we're having a lot of fun.” The problem? Merging two very distinct universes. “It's a marriage between Fox and Disney and they're two different universes and it's not easy. But it’s also a wonderful challenge. » Something tells us that we should not wait for the return of Deadpool to the cinema in the coming months…

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