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Death of Alexeï Navalny, live: the Russian ambassador summoned by the Quai d'Orsay

Alexeï Navalny, the main opponent of the Russian regime, died last Friday in a prison in the Polar Circle. The family of the deceased denounces "lies" of Russia and has still not been able to access the remains.

The essentials

  • Alexeï Navalny, main Russian opponent à Vladimir Putin died on Friday February 16 in a prison located in the Arctic Circle, according to information from the Russian prison services. The causes of death are not known, but the conditions of his detention had been criticized for several months by his supporters and lawyers.
  • Access to the body of Alexeï Navalny was attacked &agrav; new refusal this Monday morning à the family and the investigation was carried out prolonged, according to the Kremlin. The family talks about lies from Russia to buy time. According to the opponent's spokesperson, "the investigators told the lawyers and & the mother of Alexeï Navalny that they will not return his body on which will be carried out' for 14 days a so-called 'chemical expertise'.
  • L'éwife of'Alexeï Navalny met with Monday the foreign ministers of the European Union.
  • Several European countries have announced summon their Russian ambassador on Monday. Among them, France.
  • According to Russian opposition media, the body of Alexeï Navalny is reportedly in a hospital in Siberia. He would have bruises from the injury. convulsions. No autopsy has yet been carried out. carried out. 
  • More than 400 people were attended. arrests in Russia, alongside tributes to Navalny. 150 of them were condemned for gathering in order to honor his memory.


END OF LIVE – In recent hours, several European countries have announced that they are summoning Russian ambassadors following the death of Russian opponent Alexe. ;iuml; Navalny. Stéphane Séjourn&eac;, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, followed them in their footsteps. step this Monday evening. He thus announced, shortly before 11 p.m., that he had summoned, & the image of Germany, Spain, Sweden and even the Netherlands, the Russian ambassador to France.

02/19/24 – 9:31 p.m. – Donald Trump breaks the silence and attacks à.. "the radical left& quot; American

His lack of reaction was criticized in recent days. The candidate à The presidential election of the United States has finally decided &agrav; break the silence this Monday. However, Donald Trump has kept himself well guarded. denounce Vladimir Putin, preferring to lose his temper against the "radical left" American. "The sudden death of Alexeï Navalny made me more aware of what is happening in our country,” he said. the former tenant of the White House on his social network Truth Social, before strongly attacking him. The Biden Administration: "It's a slow, steady progression that leads us down the path to destruction with CRAZY radical left politicians, prosecutors and judges."< /p>

Four days after the death of the Russian opponent, the family and loved ones of Alexeï Navalny has still not been able to recover his remains. This Monday, February 19, the spokesperson for Vladimir Putin's number one enemy revealed: on the mother of Alexeï that they will not return his body, on which will be made for 14 days a so-called 'chemical expertise'. 

19/02 /24 – 4:25 p.m. – The French ambassador to Russia reflects

This Monday, early in the afternoon, the French ambassador to Russia, Pierre Lévy visited the memorial to victims of political repression in the country's capital, Moscow. He collected himself for a few moments as indicated. by France Info, relaying a tweet from journalist Étienne Leenhardt.

02/19/24 – 4:13 p.m. – The Russian ambassador summoned in Germany

This Monday, the German Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador to Germany, according to a government spokeswoman. "We expressly call "to the release of all political prisoners in Russia, particularly since Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine" she indicated. as part of a press conference.

02/19/24 – 4:01 p.m. – The legendary group U2 pays homage à Alexeï Navalny

The singer of the group U2, Bono, paid tribute à Alexeï Navalny during his concert in the Sphere in Las Vegas, Saturday February 17. "For these people, freedomé is the most important word in the world. So important that Ukrainians fight and die for it. So important that Alexeï Navalny chose to abandon his" indicated&eac; the star

02/19/24 – 2:10 p.m. – "I will continue the work of Alexeï " proclaims Yulia Navalnaïa

Still on X (formerly Twitter), Navalny's widow indicated; wish to continue the work of her husband: "I will continue for our country with you. And I call on you all à stand close to me (…) It's not a shame to be frightened, it's a shame to do nothing, it's a shame to let yourself be frightened& ;quot; she saidé this Monday.

02/19/24 – 2:00 p.m. – "Putin killedé my husband"

This Monday late in the morning, the widow of Alexeï Navalny published a video on X in which she accuses Vladimir Putin of having "killed" her husband. "Three days ago, Vladimir Putin killed" my husband, Alexeï Navalny. Putin killedé the father of my children" regrets Loulia Navalnaïa.

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He was the Kremlin's number 1 enemy. The Russian opponent à Vladimir Putin, Alexeï Navalny, died in prison this Friday February 16, 2024. The death of the man who was the main opponent of the President of Russia has été confirmed by the Russian Prison Administration (FSIN). According to these services, the 47-year-old man held in a penitentiary center located in in the polar circle felt bad after a walk  before passing away despite the intervention of medical services specifies the FSIN of the Arctic region of Iamal in a press release.

"All necessary resuscitation actions were carried out. practiced but did not give positive result. Emergency doctors have observed the death of the patient. The causes of death are being established, the press release also states. prison services who assure that the man had not reported the crime. of health problems. A procedural investigation was carried out into the matter. opened after the death of Alexeï Navalny, the committee said Russian investigation. Vladimir Putin wasé informed of the death of Alexeï Navalny, according to Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov citedé by the Russian news agency TASS. On the other hand, the opponent's spokesperson indicated: not having had confirmation of the death. She assures on X that "the lawyer of'Alexeï Navalny is flying to Kharp. As soon as we have information, we will communicate it.

Russian regime held responsible for death of Alexei Navalny

Several heads of state reacted to this. the announcement of the death and some blame it on Russian power, or even on Vladimir Putin, the death of Alexeï Navalny. The Russian government “bears a heavy responsibility” in this death according to Norwegian diplomacy. The President of Latvia declared that'Alexeï Navalny has just been brutally murdered. by the Kremlin. In France, the first reaction is that of Stéphane Séjourn&eac;, Minister of Foreign Affairs, according to whom&eacute;amp; ;nbsp;the Russian opponent "paidé of his life his resistance to a system of oppression.

The causes of the death of Alexeï Navalny are not yet known, but several reactions from supporters of the Russian opponent also accuse the Kremlin of having accelerated' ;nbsp;the death of the politician. Its supporters have been ensuring for several months that the Russian authorities were seeking to overthrow them. further isolate the political opponent the approach of the presidential election scheduled for March 2024. During his latest interventions on the networks social, Alexeï Navalny had called     demonstrations across Russia during the presidential election, including going to polling stations across the country. noon: "I like the idea that those who vote against Putin go to the polls ' the same time, & noon. Noon against Putin,” he declared on X.

Difficult detention conditions

Alexeï Navalny was serving a 19-year prison sentence in an Arctic penal colony after being kidnapped. condemned for "extremism" in 2021. The man had been stopé in January 2021 during his return from Russia after convalescence in Germany for a poisoning that he blamed on the Kremlin. Since then, he has alternated stays at home. isolation with strict detention conditions. He had been transferred from the penal colony of the Vladimir region, located in &agrav; 250 kilometers è east of Moscow, ' the one where he was in the Arctic at the end of December. The media had little news and ignored the state of health. of Vladimir Putin's main opponent. Relatives of the activist and politician, such as Olga Prokopieva, denounced the “very difficult detention conditions where there were many prisoners”. he cannot receive a letter, no family visit. "It's very complicated; for his lawyers to see him. In addition, the climatic conditions in this region are very harsh, and will deal an additional blow to her morale, she added as reported by franceinfo.

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