Death of Anthony Aust: Family sues Ottawa Police Services Board

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D&eacute ;c”s Anthony Aust : Family Sues Ottawa Police Services Board

Anthony Aust, 23, died in October 2020 in Ottawa during a police raid.

The family of Anthony Aust, who died in October 2020 in Ottawa during a police raid, is suing the Ottawa Police Services Board. She alleges officers played a direct role in her death.

The family of the deceased made the announcement on Friday at a vigil outside the street police station Elgin, Ottawa, to mark the second anniversary of the young man's death.

We haven't seen any changes. […] There is no awareness. There is no remorse, Anthony Aust's mother, Nhora Aust, said in an interview with CBC on the sidelines of the ceremony. There is no justice. It breaks my heart over and over again.

Nhora Aust hopes the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) will pull lessons from the death of his son, Anthony.

Anthony Aust fell to his death from the 12th floor of the building where his family's apartment was located after members of the heavily armed Ottawa Police Service (OPS) Tactical Unit broke into the residence.

Court documents showed that officers expected to find a handgun during the raid. They found drugs and money, but no weapon.

Human rights lawyer Yavar Hameed is representing the family. She is seeking damages totaling more than $3 million.

The motion was filed with the Ontario Court of Justice on October 6.< /p>

In an interview with CBC, Hameed said the lawsuit goes beyond the findings of Ontario's Special Investigations Unit (SIU) released last September. The SIU had focused on the issue of criminal negligence and cleared all officers of wrongdoing.

The SIU investigates cases of criminal negligence. x27;incidents involving officers that lead to serious injury, death, allegations of sexual assault or the discharge of a firearm by an officer at a person.

The family attorney argues that the police entry into the family residence caused the death of Anthony Aust and violated the rights of those present in the apartment.

< p class="e-p">It's about getting [recognition of] accountability, getting transparency, getting some kind of deterrence [to prevent] the Service Ottawa Police [to] adopt similar techniques, Mr. Hameed said.

“There has to be careful thought on the human cost. »

— Yavar Hameed, lawyer for the family of Anthony Aust

A legal remedy can never restore the family, but it provides a minimum for the family to move forward , adds the family lawyer.

Nhora Aust said she remains hopeful that the police will learn a lesson from the death of her son.

< p class="e-p">He didn't die for nothing, she claimed. Even if his body is gone, he remains here.

The community gathered at a vigil on Friday to highlight the second anniversary of Anthony Aust's death.

Friends and family of Anthony Aust who attended Friday's vigil noted that the community still mourns the loss.

With information from Avanthika Anand, CBC

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