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Françoise Hardy had been battling cancer and several illnesses for years. The singer had a strong position on euthanasia and assisted suicide, and had recently indicated that she wanted to “go as soon and as painlessly as possible”.

The Essentials

  • Françoise Hardy died on Tuesday, June 11, at the age of 80. It was her son Thomas Dutronc who announced it on social media late last night.
  • The singer had been battling cancer for years and the disease finally got the better of her. Françoise Hardy, very affected by the pain, had put an end to her career in 2020, after an immense career.
  • In recent months, Françoise Hardy had confided that she was living in an advanced state of suffering, and her desire to “leave to the other dimension as soon, as quickly and as painlessly as possible”. “
  • Its position on end of life and French legislation on assisted living dying was known and transparent. At the start of the year, she wrote an open letter to the president, published by La Tribune Dimanche, in which she urged Emmanuel Macron à go further and &agrav; make it easier to access medically assisted death.
  • Mythical French singer, she became a popular icon thanks to her work. its success in the 1960s and the yé-yé period.
  • Since the announcement of his disappearance, tributes have numbered in the thousands on social networks, up to the highest political spheres of the country, everyone salutes the icon and the artist.


14:13 – The poignant tribute of Etienne Daho à Françoise Hardy

After simply publishing a photo of the singer on his Instagram account, Etienne Daho found the words to pay homage à her friend, Françoise Hardy, à through a long and moving message:

10:34 – Françoise Hardy, icon yé-yé

Françoise Hardyé was one of the last yônes yé-yé French. Alongside Sylvie Vartan, Johnny Hallyday, Eddy Mitchell and Jane Birkin, she was among the legendary faces of the rock'n&roll years, from the magazine  Hello friends.

10:12 – Hardy and Dutronc, legendary couple

In 1981, Françoise Hardy married singer Jacques Dutronc, after having met him. in 1967. Together, they form one of the most legendary couples in French song. A media-driven and chaotic relationship. In 1973 they had a son Thomas. Despite their separation in 1988, the two artists will always remain close.

09:50 – Valérie Pécresse pays homage à Françoise Hardy

Since the announcement of the death of Françoise Hardy, on social networks, the tribute has been unanimous. Right down to politics, with the president of the Ile-de-France region, Valérie Pécresse, who writes about (formerly Twitter): "She took off… Personal message: we loved you Madam."

09:27 – Thomas Dutronc at his mother's bedside in recent weeks

"My mother is in poor health, people know about it", indicated Thomas Dutronc last Saturday. "It doesn’t get better with time, obviously. It's a lot of emotion because she won't be there. all the time. But we talk to each other, we see each other, and we try to prepare ourselves for the future. “his departure psychologically,” he said. To Le Parisien, he said a few weeks ago: "She has enormous courage. The problem is that the people who treat this disease don't take care of the side effects at all. And then, Françoise is hard to deal with; cure. […] Her life has become so painful that we sometimes wonder if it would not have been better to let her go when she almost came close to death. death, eight years ago…"

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The singer, in recent years, had made public her personal position on assisted death. Françoise Hardy had even made this opinion a political demand, by writing an open letter to her husband. Emmanuel Macron in December. “As you know, a large majority of people want the legalization of euthanasia. We are all counting on your empathy and hope that you will allow the very French sick and without hope of getting better or to stop their suffering when they know that there is no longer any relief possible, she said. The President of the Republic responded a few days later, on France 5:  “We are talking about suffering, which many of our compatriots are experiencing who have an incurable illness, who see the suffering of a loved one…hellip; And we have all been there. upset by the letter from Françoise Hardy.”

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