Death of Just Fontaine: Guy Roux, Barthez… Many personalities present at the funeral

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“Death of Just Fontaine: Guy Roux, Barthez… Many personalities present at the funeral”

Just Fontaine is buried this Monday, March 6 at; Toulouse in the presence of many personalities and anonymous.

Striker of the France team of the 60s, the French legend Just Fontaine died on Wednesday March 1st. four times, winner of the Coupe de France, but above all top scorer of the Blues at; the 1958 World Cup by scoring 13 goals in a single competition, a record, Just Fontaine wrote the history of French football. Died at At the age of 89, Just Fontaine is buried. this Monday, March 6 at; Toulouse.

After the many tributes from French football throughout the weekend, "Justo" was entitled to a last tribute    the Saint-Etienne cathedral in Toulouse. France Bleu Occitanie indicated; that Saint-Etienne Cathedral was packed with at least 1,400 people. Among the personalities Philippe Diallo, interim president of the FFF will be present this Monday at Toulouse to attend the funeral just like Alain Giresse, Guy Roux, Fabien Barthez or even Jean-Claude Darmon. "It's a personality. important for the city and for sport. This of course requires organization. We usually have 980 places but we can go up to 1,400 for such ceremonies. We don't close the doors, we will welcome people who come to collect themselves" explained Abbot.

Many tributes

After the announcement of the death of Just Fontaine, many tributes were paid. posted by various players in French football. PSG notably welcomed his former coach on social networks. "A thought for Just Fontaine. It is a monument of French football who has left us, and a sad day for lovers of Paris Saint-Germain, a club he had led. to the first division 50 years ago". Toulouse, l  where did Just Fontaine die, also pays tribute to his legend. "Our pain is immense. time to learn of the disappearance of Just Fontaine. He had trained the US Toulouse and carried our city in his heart, where he was installed, recalls the club. TéFéCé sends its most sincere thoughts to Arlette, his wife, as well as to his relatives."

Phillipe Diallo, president of the FFF until June and the next elections, indicated that there would be a minute of tribute on all football pitches in France this weekend. "The death of Just Fontaine plunges French football into deep emotion and immense sadness. Just Fontaine scored; its mark on French and international football. He was an emblematic figure, with his incredible record of 13 goals. the 1958 World Cup. He wrote one of the most beautiful pages in the history of the France team. Beyond of his immense playing career, Just Fontaine has played; a major role in the influence of French football. Coach, trainer, he is also at the the origin of the National Union of Professional Footballers (UNFP) of which he was; the first president. Professional players of all generations owe him a lot.

Emmanuel Macron also paid tribute to the "myth" in a tweet while the Minister of Sports speaks of a “legendary player of the Stade de Reims, tireless defender of the heritage of the French team and holder, since 1958, of the record of 13 goals scored in the World Cup. Condolences to his family and to loved ones."

Finally, Didier Deschamps, current coach of the Blues, also paid tribute to "Justo". “The disappearance of Just Fontaine saddens me, as it will inevitably sadden all those who love football and our national team. Justo is and will remain a legend of the France team. The striker who, by scoring 13 goals in the final phase of the World Cup, that of 1958, signed a record still unequaled; during the first great epic of the Blues in the World Cup. Players then coach, I had the chance to meet him at many times. Especially at home, at Toulouse, in September 2017. Justo was a man of great kindness, very respectful of the generations who succeeded him. to his with the Blues. His attachment to; the France team was strong and sincere. I address a friendly and moved thought to his family, loved ones and all our great elders today in trouble."

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Short biography of Just Fontaine – Just Fontaine is a French footballer ;ais né to Marrakesh, Morocco. Éplaying as a centre-forward, he made world football history in 1958 by scoring 13 goals in 6 games in the finals of the World Cup in Sweden.

He began his professional career in 1950 at; the Moroccan US of Casablanca. Three years later, he was recruited. by OGC Nice. He then revealed his scoring talents by scoring 42 goals in 3 seasons. In 1956, he signed at the Stade de Reims. He has the delicate mission of filling the void left behind. by Raymond Kopa. Despite a serious injury that sidelined him for almost a year, he scored 122 goals in 6 seasons, finishing as the league's top scorer. twice (1958, 1960). His club lost in the final of the European Cup of Champion Clubs in 1959.

During his first selection for the France team against Luxembourg in December 1953, he made a sensational start by signing a hat-trick. With a ratio of 1.43 goals per game with the Blues (21 caps, 30 goals), Just Fontaine confirms his great efficiency. during the World Cup in Sweden in 1958 (13 goals in 6 matches). He notably scored 4 goals against the FRG which allowed France to finish at third place.

The injuries force him to put an end to his playing career prematurely in 1962. After a brief experience as coach of the France team, he became the coach of the PSG that he manages to move up to the first division. In 1978-1979, he coached Toulouse FC and was appointed coach of Morocco to compete in the CAN 1980, where he obtains a fine third place. In 2013, he was made an officer of the Legion of Honor.

Just Fontaine's 1958 World Cup

In 1958, Just Fontaine played his first and only football World Cup in Sweden. Aligned alongside Roger Piantoni and Raymond Kopa, the striker is revealed to the eyes of the whole world thanks to a performance that will surely never be beaten. Indeed, Fontaine literally marches on his opponents, notably scoring a hat-trick; against Paraguay. Above all, he is the author of a quadruple; of legend facing the FRG, which allows France to clinch third place in the world. In total, Just Fontaine scored 13 goals in 6 games. Half a century later, he is still the fourth goalscorer in the history of the World Cup, but is the only holder of the number of goals achieved. on a single edition. 

Just Fontaine's record 

Just Fontaine is very famous for being the holder of the number of goals scored in a single World Cup. In 1958, in Sweden the number 17 of the blues put the ball in the back of the net at each meeting (Yugoslavia, Paraguay, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Brazil). In the pool and in the final phase, the striker finished the competition with 13 goals. This record is up to unequaled present and may still be for a very long time.  even had fun over time. Every time he was asked, he was having fun. answer "In 2000 years, if we still play football, it is quite possible that we will still ask this question. And it is likely that the answer is " no, still not ". 

Just Fontaine and PSG

After his playing career, Just Fontaine moved on to as a coach. Between 1973 and 1976, for example, he allowed Paris-Saint-Germain to climb into the French first division, which has never come back down since. He was in the capital much appreciated in particular by his players with whom he shared; moments of life as he specified; many times."I played cards with them. Ça did not please. A career is not about much ". 

Just Fontaine in Reims

The period 1956-1962 is undoubtedly the peak of the career of Just Fontaine in selection with the 1958 World Cup but also in club with the Stade de Reims. With 122 goals in 131 games and 6 seasons, the French striker scored; the history of the club by finishing at twice top scorer in the Championship in 1958 and 1960. 

The origins of Just Fontaine

"Justo" was born to Marrakech in the district of Guéliz. His mother was Spanish. His father was French and a civil servant in Morocco. the Régie des Tabacs. football in the Maghreb by becoming a professional there before joining France where he became a legend. 

Just Fontaine’s track record as a player

In three years at the helm the US Moroccan, the striker Just Fontaine did not leave hands free by winning 5 trophies including the Moroccan Championship in 1952. In France, he lifted 8 trophies with OGC Nice and Stade de Reims. the joy of brandishing the Jules Rimet cup, even if in 1958, he arrived; with his teammates third in the World Cup. 

  • Morocco Championship: 1952 
  • Opening Cup: 1950 and 1952< /li>
  • North African Championship: 1958
  • North African Cup: 1953
  • French Championship: 1956, 1958, 1960 and 1962
  • Coupe de France: 1954 and 1958
  • Challenge of champions: 1958 and 1960

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