Death of Larry Hodgson, the Laidback Gardener

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Death of Larry Hodgson, The Lazy Gardener

Reportage d 'Alexane Drolet.

A true reference in the world of horticulture, author-horticulturist Larry Hodgson died Wednesday at the age of 68 .

The man behind the popular Laidback Gardener blog has had medical assistance in dying, his relatives have confirmed.

He had been battling pulmonary fibrosis for several years.

Due to his state of health, he had to put his activities and collaborations on hold. His last horticultural column was published Tuesday in the pages of Soleil, a media with which he collaborated for 38 years.

Larry Hodgson will have inspired generations of amateur gardeners to develop a green thumb.

Born on a farm in Scarborough on the outskirts of Toronto in 1954, he learned the basics of horticulture from his father, an avid gardening.

He moved to Quebec in the 1970s to study French at Laval University. Self-taught, he decided to devote himself to his passion for gardening, plants, plants and flowers. He became a columnist specializing in horticulture for the daily newspaper Le Soleil in the mid-1980s.

Larry Hodgson was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis almost 8 years ago.

He adopts the nickname Laidback Gardener to show budding horticulturists how to cultivate in simplicity. But Mr. Hodgson will have been anything but lazy.

A tireless worker, for several years he hosted a weekly radio show devoted to horticulture on CKIA-FM in Quebec City. On TV, his show In my garden with Larry Hodgson, is broadcast on Télé-Mag. He wrote columns in more than thirty magazines specializing in horticulture, and was for a time the editor-in-chief of four magazines, including HousePlant Magazine and Fleurs, Plantes et Jardins .

During his career, he wrote more than sixty books on gardening. Last on the list, The 500 Laidback Gardener's Best Tricks, due out next spring.

Launched in 2014, the Laidback Gardener blog had generated over 15 million clicks by 2021.

The pulmonary fibrosis Mr. Hodgson suffered from is a fatal degenerative disease that attacks the lungs. When he was 62, a medical diagnosis left him one or two years to live. It will have thwarted the predictions.

Despite illness, Larry Hodgson continued to follow his passion from home.

In one of his last interviews granted to the show Première Heurefrom Radio-Canada in mid-October, the famous gardener confided to journalist Mireille Roberge that he was still working hard, despite illness, writing 10 pages a day and working nearly 45 hours a day. week.

Mireille and the Lazy Gardener's Green Wall, Larry Hodgson


Mireille and the green wall of the lazy gardener, Larry Hodgson. 5-minute audio content, ICI Premiere show. Listen to the audio.

In a post on his blog last January, he said he was hopeful for the future of the Laidback Gardener, thanks to the help of his son Mathieu and other collaborators.

With the collaboration of Mireille Roberge

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