Death of RCMP officer Shaelyn Yang: suspect charged with first degree murder

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Death of RCMP officer Shaelyn Yang: suspect charged with first degree murder

Bouquets of flowers pile up outside the Burnaby RCMP offices to pay their respects to the RCMP officer who died on Tuesday morning.

Jongwon Ham has been formally charged with the first degree murder of Shaelyn Yang, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer who was stabbed to death Tuesday morning in Burnaby, British Columbia. The suspect was detained until November 2.

The British Columbia Bureau of Independent Investigations (IBI) has opened an investigation and, for its part, the RCMP is investigating the suspect's actions which allegedly led to the death of the 31-year-old officer.

Ronald J. MacDonald, the chief civilian director of the BEI explains that the latter will seek to shed light on the shot or shots fired by the agent just before her death.

We know that she shot the individual involved and that he went to the hospital with injuries and is expected to survive, he explains.

The director says he does not know at this time why Shaelyn Yang was called to Broadview Park in the line of duty.

Ronald J. MacDonald explains that surveillance video provides a great deal of information about events. This is important information that will allow us to conclude our investigation very quickly, he adds.

However, he claims that he cannot reveal too many details about the events of Tuesday given that there is a parallel investigation launched by the RCMP and that these details could be presented in court during the possible trial of the suspect.

Shaelyn Yang was 31 years old.

Community members laid flowers outside the Burnaby RCMP offices on Wednesday to honor Shaelyn Yang.

I wanted to offer my condolences to the family and loved ones who were part of his life. She protected the people, which means a lot to our country, our city, says Kei Miura, a resident of Vancouver who has traveled as far as Burnaby and once thought about being an RCMP officer.


People from Vancouver and Surrey marched outside Burnaby RCMP offices Wednesday to pay tribute to Constable Shaelyn Yang.

Lakhinder Dhaliwal, a Surrey resident and parcel delivery driver in Burnaby, says he is heartbroken by the death of Shaelyn Yang. He knows a lot of people in the neighborhood and goes there several times a week. When the events took place on Tuesday morning, he saw officers trying to rescue the 30-year-old and take her to hospital.

It's really devastating, what happened yesterday. I think we could have prevented all this, if the [homeless man] had received the help he needed, he concludes.

With information from Wildinette Paul

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