Death of Tire Nichols: the head of the SPVM condemns the police intervention

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Death of Tyre Nichols: the head of the SPVM condemns the police intervention

The new director of the Montreal Police Service, Fady Dagher.

The director of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), Fady Dagher, condemned the brutal arrest of Tire Nichols by five black police officers from Memphis, in the southern United States. The 29-year-old African American died three days after the police intervention.

Disclosed by the Memphis police, last Friday early evening, video images show from different angles the muscular intervention of the five black police officers. The victim is seen being beaten up while he is heard shouting “Mom!” “.

Image taken from the video showing the arrest of Tire Nichols.

As As a police officer, I am devastated by this tragedy. I have fought all my career for a police force that uses firmness when necessary, but with respect for human dignity, the police chief said in writing.

“I would like to offer my deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Tire Nichols, who died tragically as a result of a police intervention in Memphis, United States. I can't help but think of the deep pain they feel. »

— Fady Dagher, director of the SPVM

For three days, the reactions in the police community have followed one another, and this, as far as Canada, to condemn the police intervention which is rekindling racial tensions with the police in the United States.

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Police restrain a protester on a police vehicle , the day a video was released showing police brutalizing Tire Nichols.

Several demonstrations took place in major cities to denounce the death of the 29-year-old young man.

All the police officers involved in the arrest of Tire Nichols have been charged with murder and they face other charges.

On Monday, we learned that a sixth police officer is the subject of the disciplinary investigation into the beating of Tire Nichols.

A police that does not jeopardize, but, on the contrary, strengthens the sacred bond that must unite it to the population. A police that does not forget why it exists: to protect and to serve. To protect and serve the population, all the population, all the populations. This is what I believe in and it is my commitment so that such a thing cannot happen in Montreal, added the police chief.

Thus, the director of police of Montreal stands behind the official statement of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, which denounced “the excessive and inappropriate use of force” during the arrest of Tire Nichols.

The Association advocates “an accountable and transparent process that holds officers accountable for their actions and for the harm done to the well-being of the community.”