Debate Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak ended in an accident (video)


Lise Truss and Rishi Sunak's debate ended in an accident (video)

The TV presenter fainted just as candidate Liz Truss spoke the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The debate of candidates for the post of Prime Minister of Great Britain had to be hastily stopped due to the fact that the presenter Kate McCann fainted on the air. This was reported by the BBC.

On Tuesday, July 26, candidates for the chair of the British Prime Minister Liz Truss and her rival Rishi Sunak took part in the debate.

Truss was just making a speech, when a roar was heard behind the scenes.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs at that moment just mentioned Russian President Vladimir Putin. She talked about that. that, despite rising prices and an energy crisis, the public must be kept on the side of Ukraine, which is suffering from Russian aggression.

Trasse's speech was interrupted by a loud sound. She changed her face and screamed “Oh my God!”. Truss then covered her mouth with her hands. A second later, she left the stage to check how the TV presenter, who had lost consciousness, was feeling.

By the way, the administration of the TV channel has already apologized to the audience.

“Thank you for staying with us Kate McCann collapsed live on air tonight, and despite the fact that she is fine, on the advice of doctors, we will not resume the debate, ”said representatives of the Talk TV channel, which broadcast the debate of the candidates.

< em>Focus also wrote that Boris Johnson, whose place is now claimed by Truss, resigned on July 7th. The British politician left his post amid mass layoffs of government members.


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