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Decathlon will dress Thomas Pesquet during his return to space

© CNES/Spartan Space/MEDES/Decathlon

It’s certainly not the partnership we expected, but Decathlon has just joined the CNES (the French space agency) spacesuit design project. With MEDES (the space medicine institute) and the Spartan Space company, the group specializing in sportswear will dress Thomas Pesquet and Sophie Adenot.

As explained in the press release announcing the start of this project, the idea is to design a suit for “intra-vehicular” missions. It is therefore not a question of carrying it into space, but inside the space station or in the shuttle used to reach it.

This project is part of the wider CNES (Spaceship FR) plan which aims to strengthen European sovereignty in space. It will be led by the specialized company Spartan Space. She herself will be helped in the development of these suits by Décathlon and MEDES.

A 100% French project

Decathlon will dress Thomas Pesquet during his return to space

© CNES/Spartan Space/MEDES/Décathlon

For Sébastien Barde, Deputy Director of Exploration and Human Flights at CNES, the design of a 100% French space suit demonstrates all the know-how present in France.

« I am delighted that CNES is joining forces with Spartan Space, Décathlon and MEDES to meet this exciting challenge. » This suit should allow French astronauts Thomas Pesquet and Sophie Adenot to take part in international missions to the ISS, the Moon or Mars under their own colors.

Décathlon : new equipment supplier for Thomas Pesquet ?

CNES explains in its press release that this project began in December 2023. Since this date, the work sessions follow one another at the Decathlon research and development center, located in Lille.

A first prototype should leave these design offices in 2024. This combination could allow French and European astronauts to take part in international missions to the ISS (the international space station), but also the Moon (with the Artemis program) and in a more distant future, our neighbor Mars.< /p>

Sophie Adenot equipped from 2026

So far, some visuals have been presented to the press, but we do not know when this suit will be worn in flight for the first time. The obvious candidate is Sophie Adenot. The neo-astronaut must indeed join the ISS for a six-month mission in 2026. The perfect opportunity to name these new combinations.

It remains to be seen whether the NASA, and especially SpaceX, will accept this outfit in the Crew Dragon shuttle. Intravehicular suits must meet very strict standards and integrate perfectly into the cabin of a shuttle.

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