Deco XE75, Wi-Fi 6E Mesh Router system, from TP-Link


    Deco XE75, TP-Link Wi-Fi 6E Mesh Router system

    The company TP-Link, provider of network devices, has announced that it is expanding its range of Mesh Deco routers with its XE75 model., which is characterized by ensuring the Internet connection at home, in a stable, fast and secure way through Wi-Fi 6E Mesh technology.

    It is a fact that there are more and more The devices connected to the Internet in homes and also the contents that are viewed, shared and downloaded weigh more. This, added to the very structure of the houses, with dead zones where the coverage of the routerIf the main signal loses quality or does not arrive, it is a good option to use Wi-Fi devices that carry the signal further, with more power and without interruptions. At this juncture, Deco XE75 is launched, which with new generation Wi-Fi gives maximum coverage to surfaces of up to 668 m2 (the pack of 3 devices) and up to 510 m2 (the pack of two), limiting the areas where before the connection did not arrive.


    The device creates a high-speed Internet access network throughout the house (up to 200 devices connected at the same time) as it uses all three bands together and reaches a speed of up to 5400 Mbps in total (2402 Mbps in the 6GHz band and 5GHz and 574 Mbps on the 2.4GHz). The versatility of the product allows you to optimize the performance of the devices, since for those that are not compatible with Wi-Fi 6E it frees up the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum.

    Due to its characteristics, it does not matter how many screens or devices are on at the same time, if multimedia content is shared in streaming 8K/4K or if large files are downloaded or uploaded, since that allows you to enjoy optimal performance of the Wi-Fi signal.

    Note that it uses Wi-Fi Mesh technology and Artificial Intelligence to automate connections in the home network – It works under a unique name and password, ensuring strong and stable signals for each device.


    It integrates HomeShield security features that protect your network and your data in real time, establishes controls that limit unauthorized access from children and guests, and ensures the privacy of each and every device from cyber threats.

    The Deco mobile application allows you to configure the Wi-Fi Mesh system in a few minutes from home or on the go. Through the App you can manage the entire network; configure, manage, monitor, and prioritize connected devices as needed, as well as how to set up a guest network.

    Compatibility and price

    The router is compatible with all other TP-Link Deco models. The purpose of this compatibility is to be able to form a fast and secure mesh network that can expand the Wi-Fi Mesh coverage at any time by adding more Deco devices. available in our market from 499.99 € (the pack of 2 units).


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