Deemed “too fat”, this TikTok star banned from riding a horse

Deemed “too fat”, this TikTok star banned from riding a horse

A TikTok star has been denied access to a ranch due to being overweight. Furious, the young woman denounced the property in question.

In recent years, social networks have exploded like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook or even TikTok which continues to gain notoriety. These platforms have also allowed many people to go from simple status of unknown to that of famous personality. This is particularly the case for Enjoy Phoenix, Léna Situations and Léa Elui. The success continues across the Atlantic. In the United States, Remi Bader is well known and followed by 2.1 million people on TikTok. The young woman notably offers fashion and beauty content.

If she is talking about her today, it is certainly not for her videos but for a very different reason. Remi claims that a ranch in New York State did not allow him to ride a horse because of his weight. In a video that already has 1.7 million views, the The influencer says, “Thank you to Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk for getting me out because I weigh over 220 pounds. I’ve ridden before and never had this issue. In a guide shared on the ranch's webpage, it is stated that“A rider should not weigh more than 15% of the horses weight. There's also a list of options for “Best Horse Breeds for Tall Riders.” »

Divided opinions

After this video was shared, several Internet users shared their opinions. Some praised the decision of the ranch owners while others pointed the finger at this refusal: “The owner thinks of his horse before thinking of the money, it’s all to his credit” , “Just because they can do it doesn't mean it's good for them. If we preserve their health, their life will only be longer. Shame on this capricious woman who believes that everything is due to her like a princess”, “Unfortunately this is what we experience every day, and on all points… when will this change in mentality, especially ordinary fatphobia and all other stigma…”

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