Home Deep neckline and ruffles. 7 ways to look slim in a swimsuit

Deep neckline and ruffles. 7 ways to look slim in a swimsuit

Deep cleavage and ruffles. 7 ways to look slim in a swimsuit

Finding a slimming swimsuit that accentuates your figure and makes you feel confident can be a daunting task, which is why many of us put off updating for so long your bathing suits.

But what happens when you're suddenly invited to the pool or to a friend's cottage, and all you have to do is wear that boring, shapeless old bathing suit you've been wearing for years? It makes you feel rather fat and sloppy.

If you're looking for a new slimming swimsuit, look no further than your favorite celebrity. Stars like Jane Seymour (who looks great at first) knows how to choose the perfect swimsuit to enhance your figure and look amazing! Here are 5 things to think about to look slim and sexy in a swimsuit.

Deep neckline /></p><h3>Choose a low neckline</h3><p>If you want to draw attention away from your heavy bottom half, just emphasize the top half. For example, a sexy cleavage will focus all eyes on the chest and face. (Make sure your swimsuit supports your bra well. You definitely want your breasts to look “bouncy” and not baggy.</p><p><img class=

A swimsuit with eye-catching details at the neckline, such as bright contrast piping, sheer mesh or a lace-up neckline, also directs the eye in the right direction.

Look for drapes and frills

Some women naturally gravitate toward wrap-around, draped, and ruffled swimwear for good reason. They found that soft folds of tissue on the chest, abdomen, hips slim.

Deep neckline and ruffles. 7 ways to look slim in a swimsuit

You might think that the folds of the fabric will make you heavier, but quite the contrary. Ruffles are slimming because the textured layer of fabric hides lumps and bumps. Ruffles, combined with a wraparound panel on the front of your swimsuit, hold you in and work like magic to make you slimmer and thinner.

Distract attention with prints and patterns

If you don't like jumping in your bathing suit wearing a suit, a printed swimsuit will make you feel more confident.

Wearing a print or interesting elements in a bathing suit causes the eyes of the observer to wander in search of the details of these very elements, which helps to “mask” any lumps and bumps. No matter what shape you are, this trick will show you amazing curves!

Deep neckline and ruffles. 7 ways to look slim in a swimsuit

Avoid anything that is too tightWhen you're shopping for a swimsuit, it's important to put your vanity aside and forget about the size tag. Look for a swimsuit like this cute draped one-piece swimsuit, nice and stretchy, fitted bust and flowing down. When it's too tight, it compresses your flabby body parts and makes you look heavier than you are. Going up one size is always easy to fix. No one will notice and you won't look too tight in your bathing suit.

Deep neckline and ruffles. 7 ways to look slim in a swimsuit

Lose pounds by “plunging into the dark”

The color and arrangement of flowers can make you slimmer. Using color as a strategy, you can magically reduce parts of your body that are a little more “obvious”.

Deep neckline and ruffles. 7 ways to look slim in a swimsuit

Dark colors reduce the space they occupy, while light and bright colors attract attention. By choosing a swimsuit like this one with a sweetheart neckline and slimming ruffles on the sides, you can visually reduce the waist.

Need help to downplay something in particular?

Top-heavy? Reduce your bust size by wearing a dark color on the top and a lighter and brighter color on the bottom half.

Wide hips. Try to accentuate the height by choosing a swimsuit with lots of detail and embellishment at the top. If it's a two-piece suit, make sure the top is patterned or brightly colored.

Large bust. To reduce large breasts, try to find a suit with a solid dark color facing up. In addition, V-necklines flatter a busty woman and make you look sexy.

Small bust. Embellishment, frills, or beads can give the illusion of a larger bust, and of course, some padding always helps.

Long torso. Tankinis are adorable swimwear for women and are perfect if you have a long torso. A longer top hides the fact that you are long and thin.

Big belly. Look for a suit with control panels on the belly. A darker color on the belly will also help you lighten that area. Diagonal lines on the belly, such as a wrap or diagonal stripe, are also effective camouflage.

Short legs – buy a high-waisted swimsuit. This will make your legs appear longer. Wedge sandals can also elongate your silhouette.

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