Defenders of Ukraine may receive an expensive crossover Porsche (photo)


Defenders of Ukraine may hand over an expensive Porsche crossover (photo)

Porsche Macan driver violated curfew and refused to be tested for alcohol. A protocol was drawn up against him under Art. 130 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, and the car was sent to a penalty area.

The vehicle fleet of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can replenish the Porsche Macan crossover. The car was seized from the owner, suspected of drunk driving. This is stated by the patrol police of the Cherkasy region.

It is reported that over the weekend in Cherkasy, patrol officers identified a curfew violator. A Porsche Macan was driving down Dashkevich Street at night.

An expensive Porsche crossover can be handed over to the defenders of Ukraine (photo)

Police officers stopped a Porsche crossover for inspection. The driver showed signs of intoxication, but he refused to take an alcohol test.

According to the law, refusal to test for alcohol automatically leads to the execution of a protocol under Part 1 of Art. 130 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (driving a vehicle while intoxicated or refusing to be examined). He faces a fine of 17,000 hryvnia and deprivation of rights for a year.

An expensive Porsche Macan was sent to a penalty area. As you know, during martial law, cars are confiscated from drunk drivers and handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the Terodefense.


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