“Defensive action”: Biden threatened North Korea with a response to nuclear tests, – NBC

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  • Defensive Actions: Biden Threatened North Korea to Response to Nuclear Missile Tests, — NBC< /p> send to Telegram

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  •  Defensive Action: Biden Threatens North Korea to Respond to Nuclear Tests, — NBC

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 US President Joe Biden said he told his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping that Beijing “has an obligation” to dissuade Pyongyang from testing nuclear missiles. The American leader said the US would take unspecified “defensive” actions if the provocations continued. Writes about it NBC News.

Biden reportedly did not specify what kind of defensive actions he was talking about. He added that any US action in response would not be directed against China, but would send a clear signal to North Korea.

The publication writes that North Korea has stepped up its missile tests. So, this month, almost two dozen rockets were launched in one day. The US believes that China, North Korea's biggest trading partner, should use its influence to force Kim Jong-un to back down.

In addition, Biden commented on the tensions between mainland China and the island of Taiwan.

“I don't think there will be any imminent attempt by China to invade Taiwan,” Biden said.

According to him, Washington wants all problems to be resolved peacefully.


It was also reported that the US decided to partially ease sanctions against Russia. According to the release of the US Department of the Treasury, they decided to ease the restrictions on companies that will allow the States to ensure the safety of civil aviation flights.