Degrading initiations: McGill finally agrees to testify in committee

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Initiations degrading: McGill finally agrees to testify in committee

McGill University was summoned by parliamentarians to share its solutions following a degrading initiation that occurred in 2005 in its football team. (File photo)

It seems that the appeal of the opposition parties in Quebec will have been heard: McGill University finally agreed to participate on Wednesday in the parliamentary commission on the violence committed during initiations in the hockey community.

The deputies of the National Assembly are scheduled to hear Wednesday from representatives of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, the Canadian Hockey League, Hockey Quebec and the Quebec Student Sports Network.

McGill University had initially withdrawn from the list of participants of this parliamentary commission, which will also look into the possible situation in other sports, before changing its mind.

Fabrice Labeau, Deputy Executive Vice-Principal, Academics and Student Life at McGill, will close the hearings at the end of the day on Wednesday.

The institution English speaker had been summoned by the parliamentarians in order to be inspired by the means she had adopted following a degrading initiation that occurred in 2005 in her football team.

QS co-spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois indicated that elected officials hoped that McGill would help them find solutions.

PQ MP Joël Arseneau pointed out that this testimony was important, since McGill had succeeded in putting an end to this kind of practice.

The parliamentary commission was set up in the wake of revelations last week concerning initiations violence in the middle of junior hockey.

A judgment of the Superior Court of Ontario, unveiled by Radio-Canada, exposes the acts suffered by x27;former junior hockey players as abuse, sexual violence and acts of discrimination.

They were tortured, forcibly kidnapped, shaved, stripped, drugged, intoxicated, assaulted physically and sexually and forced to drink urine, can we read in particular in the judgment.

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