Degrading videos on TikTok about Saguenay teenagers denounced


Degrading videos on TikTok about Saguenay teenagers denounced

TikTok is a video sharing platform.

The appearance of a very particular phenomenon on the TikTok social network is causing a lot of reaction. Anonymous accounts have started rumors about several teenagers in the area even going so far as to post their photos. On Sunday, several people took the floor to denounce the situation.

It was during the beginning of the night. I got a lot of messages saying I was featured in a video. I have been identified. A lot of people threw insults at me after that so I went to see the video, said a 14-year-old girl met by Radio-Canada.

This teenager is one of the young people targeted by allegations that are found in dozens of videos posted on TikTok.

Her photo ended up in a publication discussing her as ;annoying uploaded on Thursday.

At first the videos were to compliment and it started to insult for free, especially at our school. There are approximately eight accounts that were updated in less than 24 hours. It was insulting and bombarding with messages, she continued.

Anonymous accounts linked to high schools in Saguenay expose young people by associating them with disparaging rumors accompanied by their names or photos. Some videos call themselves the ugliest, the fattest or even the baddest in poly.

Many people denounce the phenomenon. This is the case of Amy Perreault, on Facebook, who did not hesitate to report the videos because she herself had suffered bullying in the past.

I actually noticed a video where they were showing a picture of school that was Googled with something really gross written on it. And there I was waiting because sometimes it's like troll accounts where it's just to fool around, but that's when I realized that at the end there was really a photo of a teenager that I thought to myself it's really not a troll account, that it's real, mentioned, also in an interview with Radio-Canada, the one who felt challenged.

Amy Perreault didn't hesitate to flag the videos because she has her -even been bullied in the past.

Most videos have been taken down, but some accounts are still active. Jasmin Roy Foundation President Sophie Desmarais, Jasmin Roy, believes the damage has already been done.

That's the scary thing. It is that in a short time the damage is done there. And again if it takes a week to remove the information on social networks it is very worrying because it is said that in 24 hours the damage is done, exposed Jasmin Roy < /p>

The president of the Jasmin Roy Foundation Sophie Desmarais, Jasmin Roy, denounces these types of videos.

Jasmin Roy would like defamation cases on social networks to be criminalized.

Of course, telling a police officer that I am being called a whore on the Internet is not a death threat, it is not an incitement to violence. So it's difficult for them to intervene because here we are dealing with defamation and that comes under the Civil Code and me, that's what I asked Minister Pablo Rodriguez, to make all this defamation -there on criminal social networks, he pleaded.

Many parents mentioned having filed complaints with the Saguenay Police Service (SPS) in the area. hope that the authors behind these defamatory publications will be pinned down.

For its part, the SPS indicated on Monday that it would not comment on the case, since the police force is unable to determine at this time whether these are criminal records.

Each case is unique and must to be analyzed one at a time, spokesperson Tanya Lapointe said by email.

With information from Gabrielle Morissette and Priscilla Plamondon Lalancette


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