Demand Exceeds Supply and Prices Are High at New Brunswick Hotels


The demand exceeds supply and prices are high in hotels New Brunswick

Hotel rooms can be expensive for those planning their summer vacations at the last minute.

Tourists are back this summer in New Brunswick, where the number of reservations in campsites has already, at the end of July, exceeded the total of last year.

Those who don't want to sleep under the stars, however, face high prices for their accommodation. This does not seem to put tourists off since many hotels in the province are full.

In more touristy areas such as Shediac, the Acadian Peninsula or Moncton, most are full for several purposes weekdays.

Many hoteliers are obviously satisfied. Martin Lachapelle, co-owner of the Quality Inn in Edmundston, estimates that his monthly income has more than quadrupled compared to the past two years, which were marked by pandemic-related travel restrictions.

Right now is construction [holiday] weeks in Quebec, he said as July draws to a close. People weren't welcome at the borders in the past few years, but here they are taking advantage. There are a lot of them.

The rise in prices is justified, he says, by a demand that exceeds the available supply.

Tourists who booked in advance are those who were able to secure a room at lower rates. If we're at the last minute, a room at M. Lachapelle's hotel will cost between $300 and $350 for one night.

L'homme d' x27;affaires says that the prices we see right now are comparable to what we saw during the tourist seasons before the start of the pandemic, in 2020.

Last year, a comparable night cost around $150.

Based on a report by Sarah Déry


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