Demand for heat pumps is exploding in PEI.

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The demand for heat pumps is exploding atÎ.-P.-É.

A team from Greenfoot Energy is busy installing a mini heat pump .

The increase in fuel oil prices over the past year is pushing homeowners to change their heating system.

Several companies specializing in the installation of heat pumps say they are overwhelmed.

It's growing and certainly the increase in the price of oil has a big impact, says Nic Laplante, General Manager of Greenfoot Energy in Prince Edward Island.

Nic Laplante says he's usually pretty busy in the spring installing air conditioning systems and winter by heating, but he says that this year his autumn has been particularly busy.

And people instead of installing a mini heat pump at once are looking for a heating solution for their whole house, he observes.

M. Laplante believes that people are afraid of not being able to obtain or pay for a delivery of heating oil this winter.

Last February, the price of a liter of heating oil was 1 $.33. On October 15, that liter hit $2.08, a 56% increase.

PACE-Atlantic company president Julian Boyle believes this transition is inevitable.

His company administers the Switch Charlottetown program, which provides energy transition grants.< /p>

I think people are really concerned about the price of fuel oil. The heating season hasn't even fully started and prices are likely to be three to four times what they were last year, Boyle points out.

His company employs 30 Island contractors and currently manages 350 projects in Charlottetown, half of which are heat pump installations.

With the x27;Rising oil prices, some homeowners could see a return on their investment in as little as two years, he says.

He expects the craze for these devices will continue for many years to come.

With information from Nancy Russell, CBC

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