Democratic cities overwhelmed by migrants sent from Republican states

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Democratic cities overwhelmed by migrants sent by Republican states

Republican leaders of states bordering the border with Mexico continue to send hundreds of migrants each week to the north of the country.

The migrants who arrive on American soil in the southern states of the country are not welcome.

Democratic cities in the United States that have declared themselves sanctuary cities are organizing to cope with the flood of migrants.

Another hundred of Hispanic migrants from Texas who are disembarked outside the official residence of Kamala Harris, the Vice President in Washington, courtesy of Greg Abbott, Republican Governor of Texas.

Two charter planes carrying dozens of migrants from Texas sent by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to Martha's Vineyards in Massachusetts.

Another full bus sent this time- here in the American capital by Doug Ducey, Republican Governor of Arizona.

Decidedly, the Southern states have indeed decided to pull out all the stops to denounce the migration policies of the Democratic White House.

Dozens of migrants from Arizona arrived in Washington this week

A crisis caused by Joe Biden, this is the message repeated by Republican Governor Greg Abbott, who for four months has been sending thousands of migrants to Democratic cities. Governor says Biden administration is letting in too many migrants.

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre countered that this political charade was just a way for these Republican governors to create chaos and confusion in Democratic cities.

Beyond the contest, at the center of these invectives between Republicans and Democrats, are thousands of migrants who are welcomed as best they can by local authorities. In New York, more than 12,000 have been tossed from the southern states to the streets of the Big Apple. In Washington, the figure of 9,000 has now been exceeded.

Migrants arriving in Texas and Arizona are sent by Republican governors , by bus, in the democratic cities of the north of the country

The administration of Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has created a specialized welcome office for migrants at a cost of US$10 million. This bill will be passed on to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

An essential office to manage the flood of migrants so, says Ms. Bowser , not to unbalance the municipal services, in particular those which work for the homeless, always very numerous in the District of Columbia.

Until this office is fully effective, the reception task falls to organizations subsidized by the federal administration such as the SAMU.

Tatiana Leborde, director general of the organization, deplores the conditions in which these migrants are treated as soon as they arrive on American soil, including in detention centers in the southern United States.

Before getting there, there are some who go through the jungle, between Colombia and Venezuela, some of them die on the way. Others fall into the clutches of criminal groups in Mexico. It's devastating.

Tatiana Leborde, Executive Director of SAMU, lends a hand to the City of Washington to welcome the hundreds of migrants arriving each week.

And when they arrive in Texas or Arizona, explains Tatiana Leborde, another challenge awaits them after all the horrors they have experienced. They are confused, Leborde, because then they know they are not welcome and they don't know what to expect, especially about their legal status.

Faced with this unenviable experience, some migrants had gotten a taste of the American dream, she says, but some decided to continue on to the Canadian border in the hope of better days.


At the same time, it is above all volunteers and charitable organizations that offer a helping hand to cities. In the case of Washington, churches have become the landing point for these migrants sent by bus.

At St. Peter's Church, not far from the Capitol, parishioners are busy preparing to welcome new arrivals. Thanks to hot meals, clothes and a few toys for the children, they offer some of their time and comfort.

Churches offer a comforting welcome to migrant families by providing clothing and toys for children.

Nadia Tibari returns for a third time to volunteer at this church. She deplores the attitude of some states that push back migrants to the north of the United States. It hurts me a lot to see all this, she said. Because they are human beings who haven't had the chance other people have had. They are ready to work and they are ready to sacrifice everything for the future of their children.

Tonight, she is eager to greet these many children who are hoping for a new beginning.

Everything these migrants do is for a better life for their children. They crossed mountains, rivers and very difficult routes.

Tatiana Leborde estimates that this flow of migrants should continue at least until December.

Nadia Tibari is one of the volunteers who comes regularly to St. Peter's Church in Washington to welcome migrant families. midterm elections, the Republicans hope that the issue of immigration at the border will carry and whip their troops. The issue of immigration once again appears to be the one that would make it possible to mobilize the conservative base, but also to attack President Joe Biden's record.

Since this summer, the Democrats are on the rise in the polls, thanks to some legislative successes in Congress, the abortion file which has made Republicans lose their feathers and the defense of democracy which seems to resonate in this electoral campaign in favor of the supporters of the Biden administration.

Will immigration help Republicans see a boost in voting intentions? The next few weeks should shed some light on the matter.

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