Demonstration in Quebec to demand more social housing | Elections Quebec 2022

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Demonstration in Quebec to demand more social housing | ÉQuebec 2022 elections

FRAPRU and the Regrouping of housing committees and tenant associations of Quebec (RCLALQ) organized a united demonstration in Quebec.

Midway through this election campaign, tenants' rights organizations say political parties aren't talking enough about the housing crisis that's strikes the province. That's why nearly 400 people demonstrated in the streets of Quebec on Friday to demand more social and affordable housing.

Placards in hand, the demonstrators made themselves heard in the streets of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste district in the middle of the day.

We are mainly disappointed with the electoral commitments that have been proposed by the parties, denounces Cédric Dussault, spokesperson for the Regroupement des Comités Logement et Associations de Tenants du Québec (RCLALQ). There are 200,000 households in Quebec who devote more than 50% of their income to paying rent, he recalls.

“There are no interesting commitments to solve the housing crisis. »

— Cédric Dussault, spokesperson for the RCLALQ.

To fix the problem, protesters believe a push is needed. Establishing rent control, a rent register and building 50,000 homes in five years are some of the solutions identified by the RCLALQ and the Front d'action populaire en réménagement urbain (FRAPRU), which are co-organizing this event.< /p>

Every day, FRAPRU receives distress calls from homeless people who want to find a home, or from tenants stuck in unsanitary housing.

These people, we have nothing to offer them! All we can tell them is to put themselves on a waiting list and wait for years!, indignant Véronique Laflamme, door- word of FRAPRU.

Is this our social response in a rich society like ours in 2022? That is unacceptable!, she says.

The Coalition avenir Québec promises to build 11,700 social and affordable housing units during a next mandate. The Liberal Party of Quebec wants to build 50,000 in ten years. For Québec solidaire, it's 50,000 in eight years, including 25,000 in a first mandate.

The Parti Québécois wants to build 45,000 social housing units in five years. The Conservative Party of Quebec intends to rely on the private market.

These proposals lack teeth according to Cédric Dussault: 50,000 housing units is the bare minimum.

Many demonstrators deplore that the issue of the housing crisis was not addressed Thursday during the Face-à-Face des chefs broadcast on TVA.

In front of the union of Quebec municipalities, the co-spokesperson for Quebec solidaire apologized.

It bothers me and I take my share of responsibility. Yesterday we did not talk about the housing crisis. That's a problem, said Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

With information from Marie-Pier Mercier

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