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Demorand: Can you exercise during a heat wave?

Exercising on hot days is not without risk. Can we still play sports or should we abstain?

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The heat wave currently raging in France is tiring organizations seriously. The risks of sports practice in high heat are multiplied and it is formally discouraged for all those who suffer from a chronic disease (overweight, asthma, chronic bronchitis, cardiovascular diseases) but also for those who are not diligent athletes. Nevertheless, for the most experienced and sports addicts lacking endorphins, physical activity is possible, but under certain conditions.

Choose your moment

The paradise of athletes in search of sensations during the heat wave does indeed exist: the air-conditioned gym. Indeed, in such an environment, the conditions are ideal, sheltered from the scorching rays of the sun, and sporting activity can be done in good safety conditions for the body. For the most motivated, ready to risk everything for a burst of endorphins, it is better to choose your moment wisely. The coolest temperatures are in the early morning, before the first rays of the sun, so it's the perfect time to put on your sports shoes and go out to exercise. On the other hand, it is strongly advised not to play sports during the hottest hours, when the sun is at its zenith, between noon and 4 p.m., because the temperatures exhaust the organisms and the risks then become major. For the die-hards who persist in going out in the middle of the sun, put on bright, light clothing, and absolutely seek shade rather than the sun.

Necessary hydration

Hydration is the keystone of sporting activity in periods of high heat. It is essential to stay hydrated during exercise, at regular intervals, but also before and after physical activity, because sports practice in high temperatures increases the risk of dehydration. Therefore, going out without a bottle of water (fresh, preferably) would be totally irresponsible. In practice, you have to drink small sips regularly – at least every ten minutes – without waiting to feel the sensation of thirst, and adapt the intensity of your effort. Finally, the difficult thermal regulation of the body during heat waves will cause an increase in heart rate. The effort must therefore be moderate so as not to raise the heart too high in the towers.

Beware of heat stroke

The major risk of sports practice in hot weather is hyperthermia, commonly known as “heat stroke”. The signs of hyperthermia can be of several kinds: extreme fatigue, feeling unwell or intensely hot, nausea, or even vomiting. In such a situation, you must immediately stop physical activity, get cool, splash yourself with water, hydrate yourself extensively and call for help if the symptoms do not regress.

The heat wave does not offer the best conditions for outdoor sports, except for aquatic activities which are particularly adapted to these exceptional climatic conditions. The risks of hyperthermia being significantly increased by high temperatures, it is better to take all precautions to avoid exposing yourself to sometimes dramatic consequences on health.

8 things to know about the consequences of the heat wave

1) In high heat, the thermal regulation mechanisms come into play. The body perspires and the breathing rate increases to evacuate the heat through the exhaled air and the pores of the skin. This phenomenon causes dehydration, which is why it is necessary to drink more in case of exposure to heat. In addition, the heart rate increases, which makes physical activity more difficult.

2) The superficial blood vessels dilate to facilitate the evacuation of heat, this phenomenon explains why the legs are more heavy when it is hot and the superficial veins are more apparent.

3) Children are particularly vulnerable because their bodies contain less water, they become dehydrated much more quickly than adults. Care should be taken to watch for signs of dehydration, especially in babies.

4) Older people may be less aware of ambient heat because their nervous system functions less well. In addition, they often lose the feeling of thirst, so care must be taken to keep them hydrated regularly.

5) Certain medications increase the risk of dehydration, such as diuretics. If in doubt, you should seek advice from your doctor.

6) Sleep is disturbed because the brain has more difficulty regulating body temperature during sleep.

7) Appetite is reduced, digestion produces a lot of heat, the brain regulates the center of appetite and this is how, naturally, we eat more fruits and vegetables, which are digested more easily than proteins .

8) Since thermal regulation consumes a lot of resources for the brain, an abnormal feeling of fatigue can be felt when the outside temperature increases abnormally

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