Denis Brogniart distressed, he confides in a personal tragedy


Denis Brogniart distressed, he confides in a personal tragedy

In the Sunday Journal, Denis Brogniart confided in confided in his private life. He notably recounted how the loss of a loved one still generates great anxiety in him. Explanations.

We no longer present Denis Brogniart. The star host of TF1 has been playing Koh-Lanta since 2002. But he is (or was) also at the helm of Automoto, Ninja Warrior and even District Z. This Sunday, June 12, the Sunday Journal devoted therefore a subject to one who is considered one of the favorite animators of the French. For the occasion, the journalists who interviewed Denis Brogniart were able to meet him directly in his privacy. The opportunity to discover a little more closely the life of this father of three teenagers and a young adult.

For Denis Brogniart and his family, the important thing is that everyone can feel free to house: “From 6 p.m., everyone does what they please. Nothing is scheduled.” said the presenter. He who particularly likes sport therefore often devotes his end of the day to physical activity. Then comes the meal, where everyone is once again free to eat what they prefer. But it was once his children were in bed that Denis Brogniart immersed himself in another activity close to his heart: writing. A way for him to open up a little more about his private life.

Denis Brogniart frightened by illness

Indeed, the host is currently working on his second novel, which it advertises itself as being more personal. This is how Denis Brogniart explains the subject of this future book: “I imagine a meeting with my father who disappeared thirty years ago.” A drama that occurred in the life of the presenter a long time ago, but which still marks him today. His father had then died of cancer. Three decades later, Denis Brogniart is still very distressed by the disease: “I can't help thinking that everything can stop overnight.”, a he confided. Fortunately, his children and his wife are there to help him appreciate life and make the most of every moment.