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Denmark - England (Euro 2024): the English disappoint after a worrying draw, the summary

England conceded; the draw against Denmark à on the occasion of the second day of the group stage of Euro 2024 (1-1).

< img alt = "score danemark" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/ni3cjpktedilnqaozgyb61jta=/450x/smart/dfbf1aa5ae7d4a22ae5b74472172d1e/ccmcms- 822.png " /> Denmark 1: 1

Denmark - England (Euro 2024): the English disappoint after a worrying draw, the summary

England Live

England concedes a disappointing draw against Denmark (1-1). The English dominate the start of the match and will hit the mark on their first real opportunity with a cross from Walker deflected wide. which lands in Kane's feet. The latter opens his counter in this Euro 2024 with a quiet flat foot (18'). But after this goal, the English will stop moving forward and will logically be joined by a long shot from Hjulmand (34th). The Danes finish the first act well and start the second well. Despite everything, the first opportunity of the second half is for the English and Foden who hits the post with a powerful shot & level with the ground (56'). If the English have the ball at the end of the match after the offensive upheaval caused by by the coach, the biggest chances are for the Scandinavians like this shot from Hojbjerg which ends up very close to Pickford's top corner (85'). Gareth Southage's men will be sorely lacking in inspiration at the end of the match and will even be whistled by their supporters at the end of the match. the outcome of the meeting. Nothing reassuring for the Three Lions in this Euro 2024.  

20:00 – An update on the ranking

The situation of Group C of this Euro 2024 is clearer after the second day. The English remain leaders with four points while Denmark and Slovenia follow with two points. À the last position, Serbia can still believe it with a small point. 

19:55 – The English whistle& ;eacute;s

At the very end of Denmark – England, the Three Lions wereé copiously whistled by the English supporters who made the trip to Frankfurt. The ears of the English players may ring after this sad performance. 

England and Denmark part with a score of 1-1 à on the occasion of the second day of the group stage of Euro 2024. English supporters will not be reassured by the pale copy rendered by the Three Lions. 

19:48 – Extra time revealed (90')

The fourth referee has just indicated that injury time. It will be three minutes. 

19:46 – A huge admission of weakness (88')< /h3>

The English obtain a free kick in midfield but decide to play it directly into the opponent's area. Walker lacks precision and Schmeichel can restart his side. 

19:45 – New yellow card (87')

À barely entered in play in this Denmark – England, Norgaard makes a mistake which earns him a yellow card. 

PICKFORD ÉWAS DEFEATED! The Danish midfielder gets back on his right foot and rolls in but the top corner slips away for a few centimeters. 

IL & WAS ALONE! Christensen takes Skov Olsen's corner but fails to reach the goal. adjust. The English are on the brink of collapse at the end of the match. 

19:42 – Guehi catches up (83')

The Crystal Palace defender attempts a hook in front of Bah who recovers the ball. But Guehi makes an excellent comeback and ends up conceding a corner. 

19:41 – New changes for Denmark (82')

Hjulmand and Eriksen are replaced in this Denmark – England by Skov Olsen and Norgaard. 

19:39 – England has the ball (81')

In this end of Denmark – England, the English finish much better even if the clear opportunities are lacking. 

19:37 – Watkins fights in vain (79')

Eze's pass is too strong and escapes Watkins who, however, has made his speed speak for itself. 

19:34 – The last quarter of an hour (76')

There remains Only 15 minutes left in regulation time in this Denmark – England and the Three Lions are still held in check. 

19:32 – Maehle cautioned (74')

Artur Soares Dias issues a new caution in this Denmark – England after a delayed tackle on Bowen. 

Hojbjerg continues to try a lot in this Denmark – England but his long shot is well repelled by the English goalkeeper. 

On a &eacute ;a flash of genius from Bellingham, Watkins tries to deceive Schmeichel but the Danish goalkeeper makes a decisive save in this Denmark – England. 

19:27 – Southgate brings in new blood (69')

The English coach changes his attacking trio in this Denmark – England with the exits of Kane, Foden and Saka who are replaced by Watkins, Eze and Bowen. 

19:26 – A third Danish change (67')

Poulsen comes into play in this Denmark – England and replaces Holjund who comes out exhausted. of this second meeting of Euro 2024. 

19:25 – A corner é viable (66')

What a totally missed pass from Rice which offers a corner to the Danes in this Denmark – England. 

19:23 – A huge intensity! (65')

The two teams engage in a huge battle in midfield to try to keep the ball. The referee lets the game continue and it provides a spectacle as we enter the last half hour of this Denmark – England. < /p>

19:21 – Eriksen misses the target (64')

After a big battle for the conquest of leather,  Eriksen takes his chance but çhe goes well over the top. 

19:19 – Gallagher is booked (62')

The referee takes out the second card from Denmark – England after a much too muscular intervention from the Chelsea midfielder. 

19:18 – Saka unscrews (59')

The twirling English winger makes the difference on his side. but his left foot shot is completely missed. 

19:16 – Gallagher removed ;ve the ball (58')

Holjund, with his back to the goal, manages à slide the ball towards Eriksen but the latter cannot score his second goal in this Euro 2024 because Gallagher takes the ball away from him at the last moment. 


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