Denmark votes in the closest election in years

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Denmark votes in the Closest elections in years

Denmark holds legislative elections this Tuesday marked by the equality between the blocs and afragmented political landscape. The elections have been advanced several months by a political scandal linked to the management of the coronavirus pandemic.

Denmark has been one of the countries The European countries that presented the best numbers in their management of covid and that imposed the least restrictions, but with a mole: the slaughter at the end of 2020 of millions of mink due to a health alert for a mutation that could compromise future vaccines.

The Social Democratic Government of Prime MinisterMette Frederiksen the measure, which meant the temporary closure of a millionaire industry , without having coverage to do so, which caused A legal change was made on the fly amid criticism from the opposition and breeders.

“Very criticizable”

A parliamentary commission concluded in June that the actions of thegovernmentwas“very reprehensible” and saw grounds for opening disciplinary cases against several high-ranking officials, and although it considered that the prime minister's statements were “seriously misleading”, he admitted. It was not possible to know if he was aware of the lack of legal coverage.

Frederiksentook away He received an official reprimand from Parliament but avoided it. greater evils thanks to the support of his allies, although the pressure of one of those parties forced her to leave. to advance the elections.

In the electoral campaign, the “case of the minks” had some relevance at the beginning but has ended up marginalized by other issues such as health and measures against the crisis.

New political forces

Up to fourteen partiesthey attend the elections and a dozen have real options to enter Parliament. Two of them may be decisive in determining victory in a complex scenario due to the equality indicated by the polls between the centre-left bloc of Frederiksen and the opposition. right wing.

The two new political forces have in common having been founded by former weighty figures of the Liberal Party. BehindDenmark Democratshe is Former Integration Minister Inger Støjberg, who less than a year ago was sentenced to prison for ordering the illegal separation of refugee couples in the first political trial; in Denmark in three decades.

The Moderates is the personal project of former Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, who presents himself as a centrist force without positioning himself within either of the two blocs and whose unstoppable rise in the polls could give him the role of referee.

Candidates for Prime Minister< /h3>

In Denmark it is common for parties to be grouped intotwo blocks, left and right, and that each present a candidate for prime minister, corresponding to the strongest party. That custom has been broken this year, as Conservative Søren Pape Poulsen ran for president. in August to the position, when the polls placed him ahead of the liberal Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, although the situation has reversed in recent weeks.

The former Prime Minister Lars Lø kke Rasmussen has denied aspiring to lead a government, but he has been allowing himself to be loved as his party was rising in the polls and rivals and political analysts already consider him a fourth candidate.

Greenland and the Faroe Islands

The Danish Parliament is made up of 179 seats, of which four correspond to the autonomous territories of Greenland and the strong>Faroe Islands. MPs from the overseas territories have been decisive in previous elections, such as in 1998, when the Social Democrat Poul Nyrup Rasmussen won an unexpected victory thanks to the last-minute support of a Faroese parliamentarian.

Although the legislative elections are officially held on the 1st, in a part of the territory of the Kingdom of Denmark the voting will take place on the 1st. The day before.

The coincidence of this date with the day on which the dead at sea are officially remembered in the Faroe Islands, whose main industry is fishing, motivated ; A request from the regional authorities that Copenhagen has admitted.