Dent in McLaren 720S repaired for 69 thousand dollars

Вмятину на McLaren 720S отремонтировали за 69 тысяч долларов

Firm “Royalty Exotic Car Rental” from Las Vegas that rents out expensive cars, spoke about such cases in their work.

The company provided one of their clients car McLaren 720S. The latter managed to smash it in the Parking lot.

The damage list was quite modest, but the cost of repairs, the insurers evaluated in a tidy sum of 69 thousand dollars. And all this without taking into account of the works themselves.

In the accident in the Parking lot of McLaren 720S lost mirror, damaged a wing and got a noticeable scratch on the carbon fiber tailgate.

To this absurd and “expensive” accidents could lead alcohol. In the cabin of the McLaren 720S found empty bottles of alcoholic drinks. Was the driver of the supercar was drunk during the incident, not reported.

Very the rental company more upset not the cost of repairs and lost profits. The repair costs will be covered by insurance, but the right parts will have to wait for three months.

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