Dentists told, which can yellow the teeth

What are the factors that cause yellow teeth?

Стоматологи рассказали, из-за чего могут пожелтеть зубы

Yellow teeth – not in all cases a consequence of Smoking or abuse of coffee. Reasons for this phenomenon may be a great many.

For starters we should clarify that the color of the teeth is in each person. Also each of us has a gene that largely determines the color of the teeth, starting from the moment of birth. The specialists say that there are several congenital diseases that cause enamel defects or dantino that leads to the gradual acquisition of a yellow shade of teeth.

Also the color of the teeth can be affected by disorders of the thyroid gland and secretion of thyroid hormones. The teeth may darken and the enamel to be stained. In addition, the pigments contained in some foods and drinks can penetrate through the pores of the enamel into the deeper tissues of our teeth. So, for example, coffee, black tea or green tea, which contains pigments that cause the yellowing of teeth. Affects the color of the enamel, and red wine.

The same can be say relative to foods containing carotene. It carrots, tomatoes or spinach. There are certain regions where even the water due to the impurities of fluoride can stain teeth yellow. Over time, the use of such water can lead to the disease fluorosis, which is accompanied by pigmentation of the tooth enamel.

It is known that even certain types of antibiotics (tetracycline), causing anomalies in the formation of tooth tissues (tooth enamel appears brown blotches).

No matter how it was strange, yellow tint to the teeth and give certain medications, including hygienic rinses for the mouth. Some of the fillings include silver amalgam, and it may eventually be distributed by the tissue of the tooth and change its color. Adversely on the color of the enamel is the removal of the nerve of the tooth then it can become dark.

Another factor disturbing the color of the tooth enamel is the damage to blood vessels inside the tooth for various injuries. Also negatively on the whiteness of your teeth affects the person’s age — with age teeth become yellow hue — is a natural process.

To stop the passage of time not in our power, and to provide oral hygiene care needs we can. Health and white teeth is largely dependent on the thoroughness of tooth brushing, avoiding excessive consumption of individual products as well as Smoking.

About the hype whitening toothpastes experts say that this is nothing more than a marketing ploy — the opposite of yellow is purple, which first appears on the teeth due to penetration into the fabric purple dyes. So it creates a false whitening effect.

And experts are warning about a new phenomenon — “bancorex” excessive concern about the whiteness of the teeth. In any case it is important to have a sense of proportion.
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