Deodorizing shoes: LG's high-tech solution

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At CES 2023, LG is exhibiting a device to refresh shoes. A high-tech solution against bad odors.

Deodorizing shoes: LG's high-tech solution

Like the majority of major players in new technologies, LG is present at CES 2023, which is currently taking place in Las Vegas. To showcase its home appliances, the Korean company has created a space called “Creator's Room”, designed with designer Jeff Staple to “illustrate how the company's high-end appliances can fit into any lifestyle and improve it.” And among the household appliances presented in this space, there are two products created by the brand for shoe collectors.

Shown by LG at IFA 2022, these two products, LG Style ShoeCase and LG Styler ShoeCare are again on display at CES 2023. The first product, LG Style ShoeCase, looks like an aquarium, with transparent panels. Its function is to expose and take care of the user's shoes. Indeed, this funny device protects shoes from humidity and ultraviolet light, which can cause discoloration. For shoe display, LG's ShoeCase has a turntable. And thanks to the modular design, they can be stacked on top of each other.

Deodorizing shoes: LG's high-tech solution

ShoeCase, the LG product to proudly display your collection at home, while protecting it. © LG

A device to deodorize shoes

More interesting than this display case for shoes, the machine to remove odors: the LG Styler ShoeCare. “LG Styler ShoeCare uses the company's proven TrueSteam technology to deliver a 'refreshing' shoe management experience. It also takes advantage of the zeolite absorbent properties of the Zeo-Dry filter to absorb moisture and help remove odor from shoes, making shoes more comfortable to wear and have around,” the report said. manufacturer in August.

Deodorizing shoes: LG's high-tech solution

ShoeCare, the device to eliminate odors. © LG

In addition, the process can be adapted to the type of shoe (leather, suede, sports shoes, etc.). Depending on the mode chosen, the ShoeCare will dose the use of steam. In 37 minutes, it is possible to refresh 4 pairs of shoes.
Of course, these two products will not be of interest to everyone. And LG seems to be aware of this, since its target is primarily collectors. “As the culture of collecting expensive, luxury and limited-edition designer sneakers grows among the MZ generation – Millennials and Gen Z – LG's internal research revealed that these “sneakerheads” would greatly benefit from a solution that would not only make their cherished shoes stand out more, but also provide them with the optimal care,”, LG said at the presentation of these two products.

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