Despite the crisis, Apple announces record results

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In an uncertain economic climate, Apple is doing very well.

Despite the crisis, Apple announces record results

Apple does not know the crisis. This is what we are tempted to say by observing the quarterly results provided by the Tech giant on Thursday. The company has thus generated a colossal and record turnover of 90.1 billion dollars in the last three months, an increase of 8% over one year. This total is to be completed with that of the profits of the last three months which have reached the tidy sum of 20.7 billion dollars.

Apple floats in a very delicate context

In detail, iPhone sales continue to represent the bulk of Apple's revenue at 42.6 billion dollars against 38.9 billion previously. Similarly, the apple brand can rejoice in Mac sales which jumped 25% to a total of 11.5 billion. In other good news, services and “wearables”, such as the Apple Watch, are both growing, for totals of $19.2 billion and $9.7 billion.

As far as services are concerned, we can therefore see that the particular care that Apple has given to platforms such as Apple TV+ and Apple Music is very clearly starting to bear fruit.

However, there was bad news to announce yesterday on the side of the Cupertino company. Thus, the company generated a turnover of 7.2 billion dollars through iPad sales, less than the 8.3 billion obtained a year earlier. However, Apple released its new iPads a bit later this year, and that might show up next quarter.

So overall, there's something to smile about on the side of the tech giant. Especially since these announcements come in a gloomy context on Apple's business segments. Thus, there was a 19.5% drop in computer sales this quarter, while smartphone shipments were also down 9%.

Apple richer than some nations  ;?

This good news for the company logically reflects on its share price on the stock market. The company is thus currently valued at around 2.3 trillion dollars. This does not tell us much as such, but if we compare this level to the wealth of the major nations, Apple exceeds the GDP of Italy, Brazil, or even Russia, and it is very close to do better than that of France. If you are interested in this comparison (it has its limits), you can find our dedicated article here.

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