Devers and Boston didn't want to face free agency

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  • Devers and Boston didn't want to face free agency

    Rafael Devers will continue to play. He signed for the next 11 years with the Boston Red Sox.

Rafael Devers affirmed that he was a player. He revealed this Wednesday that his desire to continue with the Red Sox was a key factor in his acceptance of a $331 million extension that unites him with the Boston team for the next 11 seasons.

< p>“It is the organization that has given me everything. I wanted to stay here. and thank God it happened,” Devers said in a meeting with the press in which the team announced its decision. The agreement reached with the Dominican player was confirmed.

Devers, who could opt for free agency after the 2023 campaign, specified that he was not yet eligible. I said that I didn't want to face the process of being part of the free agent market in the Major Leagues.

"We all know that going into free agency is a very difficult time and I didn't want to do it. I was going to go through that,” he specified. the stellar 26-year-old third baseman.

The player also highlighted his He expressed his commitment to providing the best on the field for the Red Sox and indicated his commitment to the field. So this agreement will not take you anywhere. to relax and lower him level with the team.

& quot;That will never happen". They know the type of baseball player I am and that I always do my best,” said the left-handed hitter.

Both Devers and his agent, Nelson Montes de Oca, said the team's visit to the player in the Dominican Republic in mid-December was a turning point in reaching this agreement.

“The conversation in the Dominican Republic was good and if they went to the Dominican Republic it was because there was a good intention,” pondered the Dominican Republic. Devers.

In this regard, Red Sox president Tom Werner said that this trip to Devers's home country “was something of an urgent priority. We didn't want him to become a free agent next year.”

Regarding the agreement reached with Devers, the top executive of the Boston team, Sam Kennedy Han, affirmed that the agreement was reached. that “there have been years of preparation. Many, many dialogues. But we finally got here,” he said of the Dominican, who “represents everything that's great about the Red Sox.” and the one he hopes will be part of the “forever” team.

For his part, the manager of baseball operations for the team, Chaim Bloom, pointed out that he was not interested. the significance Devers has had on the team throughout his career.

& quot;Every organization dreams of developing star players. Raffy (Devers) is a star. He is not just a star. "He is our star" Bloom, who also required that the third baseman from Quisqueyan is a piece that goes according to the project that the team is executing.

“It fits perfectly into what we're building and what we're going to continue to build.”

The agreement between Devers and the Red Sox takes effect after the 2023 season, in which both parties agreed that what will you receive He made $17 million, avoiding salary arbitration, before the extension deal came to pass.

Devers, who received the $17 million extension deal. With a $20 million signing bonus, you'll receive a $20 million signing bonus. He will receive an annual salary of 27.5 million dollars from 2024 to 2026, an amount that will increase as soon as possible. It will increase to 31 million per year from 2027 to 2030, and will culminate in the year. with 29 million for the seasons from 2031 to 2033.

In general numbers, since his arrival in the Major Leagues in 2017, Devers has become one of the central figures of the Red Sox, averaging 33 home runs and 107 RBIs per season, along with a .283 batting average, plus a World Series title, won in the 2019 contest.

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