Devoid of the crown of “Miss Ukraine-2018”, Dedusenko began to plead with the organizers of the international competition

Ukrainian model Veronica Dedusenko that the scandal has deprived the crown and the title of “Miss Ukraine-2018”, began to sue the organizers of the international competition in the UK.

Лишенная короны «Мисс Украина-2018» Дидусенко начала судиться с организаторами международного конкурса

We will remind, the girl was deprived of the title after he found out she violated the terms of participation in the contest. International rules it is noted that contestants must be unmarried and childless. However, Veronica decided not to turn vnimaenie on the rules and hid the facts of motherhood and the fact that he was already married. She covered it up twice: when applying for the contest, and when he signed the contract, which clearly spelled out the rules of participation.

The organizers of the Ukrainian part of the competition was to check the information about the participants, but immediately found the desired information, this information became known only after the victory of Veronica in the competition.

In its lawsuit, Veronica argues that the organizers violate the law “About equality” and demands to change the “outdated” criteria of admission to participate in the competition. Also the violator of the rules stated that her publicly humiliated.

Note that the beauty contest “Miss World” was established in 1951 by Briton Eric Morley and is the largest beauty contest to this day. The contest rules have always banned the participation of married women and mothers. According to the Executive Director of the contest, Julia Morley, these rules exist to protect the welfare of children.

Finally, pay attention to Veronica that there are beauty contests for married women, though they are not as well-known and prestigious. However, the Ukrainian model, no one will accuse of violating the rules and will not infringe upon while participating in the Mrs. World, Mrs. globe, Mrs universe and Mrs international Top.

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