Diagnostic tool should detect Covid-19 via smartphone

Diagnostic tool should detect Covid-19 via smartphone

Diagnostic tool should detect Covid-19 via smartphone


December 8th, 2020, 8:33 pm

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A Canadian company has presented a diagnostic tool that is designed to detect a Covid 19 infection using a smartphone. The corona test should bring an exact result in seconds.

A corona test that detects a Covid-19 infection in the twinkling of an eye without the support of a laboratory and whose only requirement – besides the tool set – is the presence of a smartphone? Sounds almost too good to be true. The researchers at the Canadian company Two-Photon Research want to have developed precisely such a diagnostic tool.

Inexpensive and accurate corona test

The test results should be just as accurate as those carried out in a laboratory. As a result, the tests could be carried out anywhere and at any time. In view of the current or upcoming mass tests in many countries worldwide, this corona test could also reduce costs. The tests carried out using the cast tool should be repeatable as often as required.

Two-Photon Research uses the company’s patented Aptamer-Molecular-Photonic-Beacon-Technology (AMPB) for the tests. The beacons specially developed by the Canadian researchers examine whether the S1 protein of Sars-CoV-2 is present in a saliva sample from the person tested. If this is the case, the S1 protein would bind to the AMPB and respond to an LED flash on the smartphone.

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CMOS sensors recognize corona protein

The CMOS sensors of the smartphone in turn record the emitted light – this can then be used to determine whether someone is carrying the virus or not, as the Futurezone reports. The principle of the test is based on the so-called aptamers, which can bind specific molecules via their 3D structure. This also makes it possible to test for the presence of other viruses in the future by adapting the aptamer.

Diagnostic tool should detect Covid-19 via smartphone

Cast: Corona-Test mit simplem Diagnose-Toolset und Smartphone. (Grafik: Two-Photon Research)

The tool set consists of a four milliliter bottle with the AMPB and a swab. The swab with the saliva is then put into the bottle. The smartphone finally shows the result via a specially installed app with a red warning signal – positive – or a green signal – negative. According to Two-Photon Research, the cast test should provide just as accurate results as a PCR test.

Test on Sars-CoV-2 still in the test phase

Two-Photon Research did not announce when the test will be freely available. The company is currently completing in-vitro tests. Tests on living organisms (in vivo) are to follow.

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