DiCaprio responded to the accusations in “the financing of the burning of the Amazon forests”

The actor says that he has no involvement in the funds, which he is credited.

Ди Каприо ответил на обвинения в «финансировании поджога Амазонских лесов»

The President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro accused Hollywood actor and eco-activist Leonardo DiCaprio in the financing of fires in Amazonian forests.

“This is Leonardo DiCaprio a nice guy, right? Especially when giving money to Amazon blazing”. A day before this statement Bolsonaro live on his page in the social network also accused the actor in the burning forests.

DiCaprio has given to protect Amazonian forests from fires five million dollars after the largest impact of the fire that occurred in July-August of the current year. The Oscar-winning activist responded to accusations of the Brazilian President.

“In times of crisis I support the Amazon people of Brazil who are working to preserve their natural and cultural heritage. They are wonderful, touching and modest examples of how engagement and passion necessary for the preservation of the environment. The future of these irreplaceable ecosystems is at stake, and I’m proud to stand beside their advocates,” wrote the actor in his Instagram and assured that will continue to support the organization any direction that work for the future of Brazil and the Amazon forest.

Also the actor added that his organization is not sponsored by any of the NGOs that were named by the investigation, allegedly involved in the forest fires – these investigations appeals Bolsonaro.

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