“Dictators love anniversaries”: Putin will declare victory over Ukraine on his 70th birthday – Kasparov


Ukraine, in order to subsequently negotiate from a position of strength.

Russian chess player and oppositionist Garry Kasparov, in an interview with Obozrevatel, suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin could announce a “victory” over Ukraine on October 7, precisely on the day of his 70th birthday. He noted that Putin, like all dictators, loves anniversaries and “outstanding” dates.

“I believe that a certain common sense has taken hold there that it is not possible to win the war to the extent they planned right away. So you just need to fix the territorial acquisitions, dig in and negotiate from a position of strength, as Putin believes,” Kasparov said.

The chess player believes that such a move is the dominant concept for the Kremlin in the current realities, although this is not publicly stated anywhere.

Recent events at the front, Kasparov notes, are causing panic among Russian propaganda representatives, since the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with the help of Western long-range MLRS managed to slow down the offensive of the RF Armed Forces, destroying enemy ammunition depots and fuel.

“It is clear that everything is not going at all as they planned. Therefore, the next few weeks will be decisive. If Putin's plan collapses and Ukraine will begin to gradually squeeze out territories, this can seriously affect the Western position,” Kasparov said.

According to him, today the main thing is to overcome the narrative that Ukraine cannot win, so the liberation of Kherson can become a turning point in the war.

An expert on body language and facial expressions Judy James concluded that during the parade on May 9 in Moscow, Vladimir Putin exuded rage at attitude towards the West, despite the fact that outwardly he behaved like an “alpha male who was cornered.”


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