Died popular actor, star of many cult American movies (photos, video)

Умер популярный актер, звезда многих культовых американских фильмов (фото, видео)

Thursday, December 12, in new Jersey at the age of 86 years died popular American actor Danny Aiello. The cause of death is called a “sudden illness”. We are talking about infection. Aiello died in the hospital. During his long career in the movies the actor played in dozens of films, starring such Directors as Sergio Leone, Francis Ford Coppola, woody Allen, Luc Besson. Norman Jewison.

Danny Aiello was born on 20 June 1933 in Brooklyn in a poor family. His father was an ordinary worker, her mother a seamstress. Danny was the sixth child. When the mother is blind, her father left her with the children. Danny was unable to forgive him for it. They hadn’t spoken more than 50 years.

A child Danny fell in love with the cinema. He dreamed of becoming an actor. But she debuted rather late — at the age of 40 years. And before that, Aiello served three years in the army and then got a job as a bouncer at a nightclub in new York. In this place was often made by comedians. There were actors, Directors, producers. Danny was with many of them familiar. Once he was invited to appear in a small episode. Since this all started.

In 1973, he appeared alongside Robert de Niro in the sports drama “Bang the drum slowly.” A year later, viewers saw it in the second part of “the Godfather”. Coppola entrusted him with the role of gangster Tony Rosato.

Умер популярный актер, звезда многих культовых американских фильмов (фото, видео)Shot from a film “Once in America”

The first big job of the actor was the role of the chief of police in the gangster Saga “Once in America” of Sergio Leone. Woody Allen took Aiello in “the Purple rose of Cairo” and “radio Days”. Danny became a partner of cher and Nicolas cage in the Thriller “moonstruck”.

Умер популярный актер, звезда многих культовых американских фильмов (фото, видео)The poster for the film “moonstruck”

He also starred alongside Bruce Willis in Comedy Thriller “Hudson hawk”, with Jean Reno and Natalie Portman in the Thriller Luc Besson’s “Leon-killer”, with al Pacino in the drama “city Hall”.

Умер популярный актер, звезда многих культовых американских фильмов (фото, видео)Danny Aiello and Bruce Willis in “Hudson hawk”

Madonna fans probably remember the actor in the video for the song Papa Don’t Preach.

Danny Aiello is survived by three adult children. His eldest son Danny Aiello III, died in 2010 from cancer at the age of 53 years. He was a stuntman and actor.

. He died in new York on December 6 at the age of 82 years.

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