Died Ukrainian actress and TV presenter Ruslana Pysanka


    Ukrainian actress and TV presenter died Ruslana Pysanka

    Ruslana Pysanka

    Ukrainian actress and TV presenter Ruslana Pysanka has died at the age of 56. Recently, she lived in Germany, where she was diagnosed with a serious illness, but official sources do not specify which one.

    Pysanka is known to the Russian audience as an actress from the series “Matchmakers”, as well as the host of an entertainment program ” Country of Soviets” on NTV with Lev Novozhenov, which aired at the beginning of the 2000s.

    Pysanka's colleagues and friends have already expressed their condolences.

    It's a pity. Young, 56 years old. She and I did the program “Country of Soviets” in 2003 & mdash; 2004 … Very pretty, lively, funny,

    — said Lev Novozhenov.

    My friend, Ukrainian actress Ruslana Pysanka, has died. She was only 56 years old. She died in Germany after a serious illness. Kingdom of heaven,

    — Oskar Kuchera wrote on his personal blog.

    You are in our hearts! Thank you for the inspiration, for the stimulus to creativity, for the support… Darling, rest in peace,

    — wrote on Instagram * ex-member of the group “VIA Gra” Nadezhda Meikher.

    *Instagram belongs to Meta, recognized as extremist and banned in Russia


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