Difficult, Elden Ring? A user completed the game with a piano


Difficult, Elden Ring? A user completed the game with a piano

Omunchkin shared his adventure on his YouTube channel.

The action role-playing game Elden Ring has a reputation for be a colossal challenge. This did not deter player Omunchkin from making it to the end of the adventure using a piano as a controller.

To do this, he used software that allowed him to reprogram the keys of an electric piano to the different functions of the game.

In a YouTube video explaining his process, he says he was inspired by another player who used the same instrument to explore another popular video game.

One ​​day I saw someone play the piano the way Beethoven did imagined: to play Minecraft, he says jokingly.

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Throughout his part of Elden Ring, Omunchkin's jarring piano notes can be heard as he attempts to beat the many characters in the title.

Since he was using a free version of the software allowing him to use a piano as a controller, the player had to stop and then restart the game every 20 minutes, adding an extra degree of difficulty to his challenge.

The surfer eventually completed Elden Ring in 41 hours, 17 minutes and 32 seconds .

Omunchkin is not the only Internet user to have been creative in his choice of controller: others have used a harp, a Fisher Price controller or even bananas in their title claim, which was released in 2022.

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