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Digital workers are on the verge of burnout: what's happening ?

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Workers in the IT sector are in low morale, far from it. In any case, this is what we can learn from a study commissioned by the company GoTo. To find out more, OnePoll surveyed 1,000 US-based IT decision-makers, 250 UK-based IT decision-makers and 250 India-based IT decision-makers.

A complicated daily life

This survey shows that 58% of IT professionals say they feel overwhelmed by their workload daily work. Which can sometimes lead to a form of professional burnout. In detail, 78% of Indian workers are affected, 60% of British workers, and 53% of Americans.

Likewise, if 85% of requests received can receive a solution, half of the problems observed are difficult to resolve, while 29% of incident tickets are difficult to take care of.

A little patch of blue sky in this slump, 92% of respondents see the use of AI as beneficial to their work, 94% are ready to delegate simple tasks to it , and 73% are willing to give him more complex missions.

Quoted in a press release shared by the site Studyfinds, Lagunova, Chief Product and Technology Officer at GoTo, comments:

Although many feel overwhelmed, we're pleased to see that IT decision-makers view AI as a beneficial tool they can use to help manage IT. Many people see AI as a scary entity, capable of taking their jobs. But what this data tells us is that there are many people in this industry around the world who see it as a way to ease their own workload.

The depression of cybersecurity workers

The results of this study are clearly not surprising. We spoke to you in 2022 about the spleen of cybersecurity workers. A survey from the company Mimecast told us that 56% of respondents felt increasing levels of stress from year to year. Moreover, 54% of respondents said that their mental health has taken a hit with the constant evolution of threats.

Finally, and this is very regrettable, one in three employees said they were regularly absent from work due to professional burnout, and a similar proportion of those questioned were considering leaving their job soon. We invite you to reread our article which goes into more detail on this subject here.

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