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DIRECT. 2024 legislative elections: high participation which will change a lot of things

“DIRECT. Legislative 2024: high participation which will change a lot of things”

The first round of the 2024 legislative elections is mobilizing a lot this Sunday. At midday, participation was already high. very important with more than a quarter of those registered who went to the polls. Follow voting day live until the verdict this evening.

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  • The first round of legislative elections is now underway since this morning in France, with very strong participation: & midday this one was é évalued é 25.9% by the Ministry of the Interior, compared to 18.43% two years ago. the same time. Next estimate à 5 p.m.
  • This strong trend should strongly impact the results this evening. The number elected in the first round and the number qualified in the second round are in fact directly dependent on participation, since they are based on a result in percentage of registered.
  • Several incidents have been reported. reported overseas this Saturday and this morning in mainland France. In Houaïlou in New Caledonia, rioters blocked access to polling stations. À Nice, the president of a polling station was arrested. attacked this morning by one of his assessors. On X, the mayor of the city, Christian Estrosi pointed out; with the finger a "designatedéindividual; by Mr. Ciotti".
  • Follow live the 2024 legislative elections day.


14:33 – How many are in the first round this evening ?

< p>A direct result of the announced strong turnout: the number of deputies elected in the first round this Sunday evening should be high. There were only five in the legislative elections two years ago. There could be several dozen this Sunday. The threshold of 50 elected as in 2002 is mentioned, as is that of 100 elected in the first round, dating back to 2007. To be elected in the first round, a candidate must indeed gather 50% of the votes cast, but also 25% of those registered. A threshold that is mechanically more accessible as participation increases.

14:22 – Jean-Luc M&eacutelenchon, Olivier Faure and Fabien Roussel voted

The leading figures of several left-wing parties went to the polls early this Sunday afternoon. This is the case of the First Secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, outgoing deputy for the 11th constituency of Seine-et-Marne and candidate for re-election who voted in his stronghold. Fabien Roussel, the National Secretary of the French Communist Party and outgoing deputy for the 20th constituency of the North, also slipped his ballot in the ballot box.
Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the leader of La France insoumise whose name is not unanimous on the left to become Prime Minister in the event of a victory of the New Popular Front, voted in the 20th arrondissement of the capital.

14:12 – Footballer Jules Kounde attacks the RN

Despite; the electoral truce which began Friday à midnight, the footballer of the French team Jules Kounde spoke about on his X account to take a stand against the National Rally. For several days, the players of the national team have been questioned about their actions. turn of role concerning the early legislative elections. « For my part, I see that the far right has never led a country towards more freedom, more justice and living- together,” he wrote on his social network. And add: « I think she never will. »

14:00 – A record participation not seen since 1981

À At midday, the participation rate was up sharply compared to the last election in 2022. With 25.9% (compared to 18.43% in 2022) of voters who turned out. ;eacute;jà returned to the polls, participation thus records a record for the first round since 1981, i.e. 43 years.

According to trends established by several pollsters, total participation in The end of the day for the first round could reach 64% according to Ifop, or even up to 64%. 67%. À For comparison, in 2022, participation was 47.51%. To find the last highest score à a first round of legislative elections, we must go back to 2002. À At the time, participation had reached 64.4%.

13:39 – Christian Estrosi greetedé of « high-value executive » the president of the polling station attacked early this morning

Party voted for &agrav; On the occasion of the early legislative elections, the mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi announced on X (ex-Twitter) that the president of the polling station who was attacked early this Sunday morning by one of his assessors was able to resume his duties after having filed a complaint. complaint. « He's a valuable executive of our administration, appreciatedé and respect », further underlinedé l'édile.

Along with Nice-Matin, Éric Ciotti who was é personally pointé pointed out by Christian Estrosi, condemnedé « all actions that are not consistent with respect for polling station presidents ». Denouncing a “totally inappropriate” attitude, Éric Ciotti also estimated that this kind of behavior  obviously has no place in a major democratic meeting which must be peaceful and serene  ».

13:28 – Gérald Darmanin voted Tourcoing

The Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin traveled to in his stronghold of Tourcoing (North) to go vote.

Arrival at Le Touquet where his wife Brigitte Macron has a house, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron voted &agrav; midday. The head of state surprised the political world and the French on June 9 on the evening of the results of the European elections by announcing the results of the European elections. ceding the dissolution of the National Assembly. The majority party presidential, & third place in voting intentions according to the latest polls published before the electoral break, risks losing a considerable number of deputies ;eacute;s for the benefit of the New Popular Front and the National Rally.

12:50 – Nicolas Sarkozy, Raphaël Glucksmann, Gabriel Attal, François Hollande.. politicians go to the polls

Since early this morning, many politicians have gone to the polling stations to vote. Marine Tondelier, the national secretary of the Europe & Ecology Greens party, was one of the first &egrave; slide your ballot à Henin Beaumont (Pas-de-Calais). The former President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy spoke out against he went to a polling station in the 16th arrondissement of Paris with his wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy around 10 a.m. He thus got ahead of another former head of state, François Hollande, who went to his polling station in New York. Tulle. Supported by the New Popular Front, the former tenant of the Lysée intends to create a surprise by seizing the 1st constituency by Corrèze.

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal who hopes to stay at home Matignon voted for him; &agrav; Vanves in Hauts-de-Seine. As for à the head of the list of the Socialist Party-Public Place éelected deputyé European on June 9, Raphael Glucksmann voted &agrav; Paris.

The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron arrived in Paris. with his wife Brigitte Macron in Le Touquet to vote. The head of state took advantage of this the presence of many people to greet them before entering the polling station.

12:26 – Marine Le Pen voted &agrav; Hénin-Beaumont

The former president of the National Rally and outgoing deputy of Pas-de -Calais, Marine Le Pen voted &agrav; midday in his stronghold of Hénin-Beaumont.

12:12 – The president of a polling station attacked in Nice, Eric Ciotti pointed out by Christian Estrosi

The first round of legislative elections opened in an electric climate. Nice. The president of the polling stations at the Ecole des Baumettes located in Paris. in the commune of Alpes-Maritimes, was é the target of a punch from one of the assessors. An attack denounced and condemned on X by the mayor of the city, Christian Estrosi, with the greatest firmness. ;raquo;. L'édile, in his post, made the pointé point the finger at responsibility by Eric Ciotti, MP outgoing and candidate &agrav; his re-election in the 1st constituency of the Alpes-Maritimes, the attacker having in fact been named by the team of the president of the Les Républicains party.

The tensions between the two protagonists had begun even before the opening of the polling station this Sunday & 8 o'clock, explainedé Bastien Nespoulous, general director of services for the City and Metropolitan Area of ​​Nice. According to his statements, the assessor in question « a tall gentleman over 70 years old », acted, would have refused&eacute; ;eacute; the composition of the office, believing that there were not enough people. The tone then very quickly rose, when, à When the polling station opened, the assessor stood in the way of the door to prevent it from opening. « The president asked him to stop, the other then gave him a punch on the temple, explained  Bastien Nespoulous. Interpelled by the police, the president of the polling station, shocked; by the attack he suffered. the target, decided to file a complaint à against him.

Participation à reached 29.5% à 12 hours for the first round of these early legislative elections. A figure that is up compared to the previous year. 2022 où it stood at 18.43% at the end of the year. the same time.

11:38 – Éric Ciotti votes à Nice and responsive the incident

The president of the Republicans Éric Ciotti, allyé for these legislative elections to the party of Jordan Bardella, went to Nice to vote. Point&eac; pointed out by the mayor of the city, Christian Estrosi, after the attack on the president of a polling station by one of the assessors who assaulted him ;né a punch, the MP outgoing has reacted and indicated that it was an “unfortunate but settled dispute.” « We have also removed this person from the polling station », he addedé.

11:27 – Marie Toussaint went to a polling station in Bordeaux

É Read MEP on June 9 under the label Éecologists-EELV, Marie Toussaint moved&eacute; eacute;e in a polling station & Bordeaux to carry out his civic duty.

11:17 – The French have shifted their position. their vacation to go vote

Nearly one in 10 French people (9%) have decided to postpone their holiday departure in order to vote, according to an Ifop poll for Roole published last Wednesday. This figure even reaches 19% among the youngest, particularly among 18-24 year-olds. For those who were unable to change the date of their departure, many have opted for proxy voting. In total, more than 2.6 million proxies have been issued. validated, i.e. 4.1 times more than in the 2022 legislative elections.

10:45 – Éric Zemmour votes in Paris and Marion Maréchal in Hauts-de-Seine

The president of the Reconquête! party, Éric Zemmour traveled to in a polling station in the 8th arrondissement of Paris to vote. Marion Maréchal, who was the head of the party list for the European elections and with whom she is at odds, has as for she slippedé his ballot in the ballot box in Hauts-de-Seine.

10:27 – Manuel Bompard and Jordan Bardella voted

The president of the National Rally and candidate for the post of Prime Minister, Jordan Bardella voted mid-morning é Garches, in Hauts-de-Seine. Manuel Bompard, the coordinator of La France insoumise and candidate à his re-election in the 4th constituency of Bouches-du-Rhône under the label of the New Popular Front, he voted &agrav; Marseille.

10:22 – Towards a new dissolution in a year ?

< p>The French continue to go to the polls this Sunday after the opening of polling stations in the mainland. 8 hours. However, and after the surprise decision to dissolve the National Assembly on June 9, the specter of a new dissolution already looms large. . Given in third position in the poll in the last polls carried out before the start of the electoral truce, Emmanuel Macron is ready to vote. it would thus be à enter a period of cohabitation. A political situation that France has not experienced since 1997. The National Rally camp in fact seems to be given over to the rest of the world. winner of these legislative elections with a majority relative, even absolute, number of deputies. « We're not going to let Bardella à Matignon until 2027 » thus declaredé the leader of an allied party &agrav; Renaissance, reports Le Figaro.
However, the rules given in the Constitution are clear. The President of the Republic can only call new legislative elections within a minimum period of one year after a dissolution . Consequently, still according to this allied political framework, &agrav; the macronie, « a firing window between June and December 2025 » would be possible.

On X (formerly Twitter), the mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, denounced the attack on the president of the polling stations at the Ecole des Baumettes by a designated assessor appointed by by Mr. Ciotti ». L'édile, further indicated; that the attacker had been arrested by law enforcement and security around the various polling stations would be reinforced.

09:47 – Danielle Simonnet voted &agrav; Paris

Just like her colleagues Raquel Garrido and Alexis Corbière, outgoing MP Danielle Simonnet, not invested by La France insoumise, voted in his constituency in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. The latter is nevertheless a candidate for the vote under the label of the New Popular Front.

09:41 – The first results for the Overseas Departments are starting to appear. fall

While the overseas departments and communities have begun to &agrav; vote on Saturday June 29 in relation to the French who reside in the Hexagon where the polling stations opened this Sunday à 8 hours, the first results start to appear. to fall. Thus, in Guadeloupe, participation reached 33.56% (25.31% in 2022) announcedé the prefecture. In the Overseas Department, the left came well ahead in the four constituencies. The National Rally, for its part, qualified itself; in the second round in the 2nd and 3rd constituency.
In Guyana, participation recordedé an increase of almost 10 points compared to 2022 to settle in 36.3% à the closure of polling stations. A slighter increase was also noted at the same time. Saint Pierre and Miquelon, where participation reached 55.42% according to first estimates compared to 53.45 in 2022.

08:50 – Policies are go to the polls

The first policies began early this Sunday, go to the polls. The former Prime Minister of Emmanuel Macron and president of Horizons, Édouard Philippe voted in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime). Outgoing LFI MP Mathilde Panot said: she shared on his account The former leader of the rebellious MPs the National Assembly is a candidate for his re-election under the banner of the New Popular Front.

08:45 – Jordan Bardella hopes for a majority absolute to govern

He has already warned his voters. Candidate for the post of Prime Minister in the event of a victory by the National Rally in these legislative elections, Jordan Bardella indicated to his voters that, in order to govern “(I) need an absolute majority”. Assuring that he was neither “powerless nor a collaborator of the president”, the young president of the far-right party stated that if fewer than 289 RN candidates were sent to the National Assembly, neither he nor Marine Le Pen would take power.

08:34 – Alexis Corbiere and Raquel Garrido voted for Bagnolet

The two outgoing MPs Alexis Corbière and Raquel Garrido both voted &egrave; Bagnolet (Seine-Saint-Denis) for this first round of legislative elections. Not invested by their party of La France insoumise after differences with the leader of the party Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the two outgoing elected officials are running despite the opposition. all under the banner of the New Popular Front for the vote.

08:30 – A vote with stakes for the previous camp ;residential

49 million French voters are being called to the polls this Sunday for the first round of early legislative elections following Emmanuel Macron's dissolution of the National Assembly. The vote is now a challenge for the presidential camp after its poor score in the European elections and the rise of the National Rally. Taken by surprise by the surprise announcement of the head of state, the Macronist troops intend to save as many seats as possible at the Palais-Bourbon out of the 250 obtained by the presidential majority on the evening of the second round of the 2022 legislative elections (171 Renaissance, 50 MoDem and 29 Horizons).

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Emmanuel Macron announced the dissolution of the National Assembly only a few minutes after publication of the first estimates of the results in the European elections ennes on Sunday June 9. A "serious, heavy" decision. taken in light of the overwhelming victory of the National Rally in the European vote. "I trust the French people to make the fairest choice for themselves and for future generations. “I have heard your message, your concerns, and I will not leave them unanswered,” said the president. the President of the Republic. By this decision, and the appeal to Article 12 of the Constitution of the 5th Republic, Emmanuel Macron has de facto acté the organization of early legislative elections aimed at compose a new National Assembly.

The French are therefore called upon to take action. vote in new legislative elections this Sunday, June 30, for the first round, followed by the second round a week later, on Sunday, July 7, 2024. Dates that are coming ;less than three weeks after the announcement by the Head of State. Why so early ? Well because in addition to the delay of 20 to 63~ 40 days provided for by the Constitution in the event of dissolution, the agenda for the coming months is busy particularly with the start of the Olympic Games on July 26 and the arrival of the school holidays, which limited the options for organizing the ballots. 

From the day after the announcement of the dissolution of the National Assembly and the elections organization the ;legislative, the different parties have entered into the campaign, which will be express with &àgrave; barely three weeks between the announcement and the ballot. The submission of applications has been completed. on Sunday June 16, to allow à the official campaign to begin on Monday June 17 and respect the two weeks of campaigning before an election.

For these 2024 legislative elections, the left has beené the first to call a union and even à the formation of a "new popular front" from June 10. After several days of discussions, the four left-wing forces found their solution. an agreement to present only one single candidate in the 577 constituencies in the first round. According to this agreement LFI will present 229 candidates, the PS will have 175, EELV will have 92 and the PCF will have 50.

On the right, alliances have also been added. announced, but with turmoil. The president of the Les Républicains party, Eric Ciotti, proposed an alliance with the National Rally, which showed itself to be very supportive. inclined &agrav; a rapprochement. But the majority LR members opposed the move this agreement and demanded the dismissal of Eric Ciotti. The LR candidates allied with the RN will ultimately be 62 during the first round. The Zemmourist Reconquˆte party also attempted to to get closer to the RN via Marion Maréchal, but the Lepéist party refused to do so. any alliance. Eric Zemmour announced Only 330 candidates out of 577 constituencies.

Face &agrav; these two alliances in formation, the majorityé presidential office reacted. Emmanuel Macron sought to &agrav; expand its majority to the forces he considers to be part of the "Republican arc", notably the reactive socialist left & agrave; the alliance with LFI and the right of the Republicans rejecting the agreement with the RN. But apart from a few local agreements and a few “reserved” constituencies the republican arc, in other words where the Macronists did not nominate a candidate to leave their chances at risk. the left and &agrav; the traditional right, the contours of the majority remain confined to the Renaissance party and its allies (Horizons, Modem, UDI and central candidates).

The first polls on the results of the 2024 legislative elections have started. &agrav; be published the day after the announcement of the dissolution of the National Assembly. Until'à At the end of the campaign, the studies gave the advantage in the National Rally with more than 30% of voting intentions and up to 30% of voting intentions. 36 or 37% in the last days   before the first round. The Union of the Left comes in second position in voting intentions with a little over 20% and the majority of votes. presidential vote is only given in third position below the 20% mark. The same studies therefore logically grant more seats to the RN in the second round.

According to studies from different institutes, the RN would become the majority group with 250 to 250 members. 300 seats depending on the scenarios (compared to 89 currently). The left alliance would form the second force with 150 to 150 troops. 190 seats (compared to 153) and the majority group presidential election would lose power with 90% 130 seats (compared to 249). The Republicans would move on to 30 or 40 seats (compared to 74).

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