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DIRECT. Belgium - Slovakia: the Red Devils are pushing to avoid the crisis... follow the match

Here we go à Frankfurt! In this shock of Group E, for the moment, Belgium is missing its entry into the running in this Euro 2024. Slovakia leads thanks to a goal from Schranz.

DIRECT. Belgium - Slovakia: the Red Devils are pushing to avoid the crisis... follow the match

Belgium 0: 1

DIRECT. Belgium - Slovakia: the Red Devils are pushing to avoid the crisis... follow the match

19:34 – Strelec ignited Stadium ! (77th)

On a cross coming from the right, the attacker, although left-handed, tried to attack. a heel behind his supporting foot. The ball was kicked. controlled by Faes. 

19:33 – Belgium makes a change (75th)

Rather disappointingly, Trossard gives up his place to Tielemans. We're entering the last quarter of an hour. 

19:29 – We're entering the last twenty minutes! (71st)

For now, Slovakia has achieved its feat in Euro 2024. Tedesco continues to encourage his players. 

19:27 – Slovakia makes two changes

Bozenik and& nbsp;Haraslin leaves the field. Suslov and Strelec must finish the job. 

19:25 – De Bruyne lacks precision (73rd )

Twice, the Belgium captain put too much force into his through passes. Trossard now plays at side by Lukaku. 

19:24 – Slovakia fellé foot (65th)

Physically, Skriniar's partners are breaking down. There are still 25 minutes left. 

19:24 – De Bruyne sounds the revolt (67th)

The captain of Belgium has been asking for all the balls for ten minutes. He wants to force the decision. Slovakia is regrouped. 

19:22 – Hancko makes an unreal rescue ! (64e)

Bakayoko's essay had deceived; the vigilance of Dubravka, but the defender pushed backé the ball just before the goal line. Belgium is cursed. 

19:21 – Lukaku finds the net! (62e)

On a long cross, the Slovak defenders miss each other. The Belgian striker takes advantage, but shoots behind the net. 

19:18 – Dubravka saves Slovakia (59th )

Belgium took the measure of this match. In the center of the field, De Bruyne looked for a goal. Lukaku as a support point. From a discount, the attacker found Trossard. À Entering the penalty area, the Arsenal player took his chance with a shot, on the ground, to the side. left of the goalkeeper. Dubravka repelledé with both hands. 

19:17 – Tedesco makes an offensive change (58th)

Mangala leaves her place à Bakayoko. The entrant places himself on the right wing. Trossard will play in midfield & side by Onana. 

Joy wasé of short duration on the sideé Belgians! Lukaku has half of the body in front of Onana. 

19:16 – VAR is called!

Lukaku seems slightly offside in the first slow motion. 

On a corner played à two, Onana, found at the far post, had the intelligence to put the ball back Lukaku. À three meters from the goal, the AS Roma striker pushed the goal. the leather at the bottom of the nets. 

19:12 – Skriniar is in boss mode

The PSG defender came to cut off a transmission from De Bruyne to Trossard. 


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