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DIRECT. Bordeaux-Bègles – Racing 92: one-sided match, follow the Top 14 jump-off

After the victory of La Rochelle à Toulon last night, Union Bordeaux-Bègles and Racing 92 are fighting for the last ticket for the Top 14 semi-finals. In the second half, UBB d  he rolls and performs tests facing each other. Racingmen who pay for their indiscipline. Follow the match live.

DIRECT. Bordeaux-Bègles – Racing 92: one-sided match, follow the Top 14 jump-off

31: 12

DIRECT. Bordeaux-Bègles – Racing 92: one-sided match, follow the Top 14 jump-off

Racing 92 Live

22:37 – Changes at Racing 92

À As the last twenty minutes approach, Clovis Le Bail and Henry Chavancy give up their places to the finals. Max Spring and Christian Wade.

22:35 – Lamothe leaves

Second try scorer this evening, Maxime Lamothe received a standing ovation. à its exit. The hooker is replaced by Latterade.

22:34 – Buros on the cover

The Racingmen cannot find solutions for finding spaces. Tuisova clears but Romain Buros makes a volley save.

After a melee, Maxime Lucu goes out to the side. closed and serves Bielle-Biarrey on the right wing. The ball is recovered; and Gaël Fickou clears. Finally, Maxime Lucu attempts the overhand kick. Madosh Tambwe and Romain Buros are à the fight with Henry Chavancy to recover it but the rebound is favorable to the second named; which flattens. Lucu transforms in the process.

22:26 – New first line

À the 50th minute of play, the Ile-de-France first line is changed with the entries into play of Gogichashvili, Palu and Gomes Sa.

22:24 – Ile-de-France residents rewarded

While Cameron Woki performed its return to the pitch before the scrum, the Racing 92 pack was é rewarded on his melee push.

22:23 – Chaban-Delmas ignites

Romain Buros does a superb kick over the top. Louis Bielle-Biarrey controls the ball poorly after a wayward rebound. The Racingmen try to restart from their goal but Tuisova is forced to flatten. The referee finally comes back to the decision. a foul play from Bielle-Biarrey.

22:21 – Tempers are heating up

On the return kick, Vergnes-Taillefer is off balance. in the air. After the bad reception, the referee whistles a foul and tempers flare on the pitch. Simple penalty in favor of the Bordelais.

Maxime Lucu transforms this penalty into a and allows &agrav; UBB to take a twelve-point lead.

22:18 – Joseph sanctioned

Same scenario as in the first period for the Racingmen, undisciplined. On a ball outing, Joseph is offside. According to Thomas Charabas, its positioning influences the action and offers a harsh penalty. to the Bordelais.

22:16 – The Bordelais in management

Aprè s a penalty from Ile-de-France, the Bordelais recover the ball.

The Ile-de-France residents kick off the second ;egrave;me act.

22:12 – Change

Before the resumption of the match, Louis Bielle-Biarrey replaces Damian Penaud à the left wing.

After the transformation of Maxime Lucu, Thomas Charabas sends the players to the locker room.

On a new touch, Maxime Lamothe launches the game into touch and takes the lead in a carried ball. In power, the Bordeaux pack imposes itself and the hooker flattens à the halftime siren. Maxime Lucu adds the two points of the transformation.

On the ball carried in touch, the maul is collapsed. The referee had warned, Cameron Woki leaves his partners in inferiority. digital for ten minutes.

9:52 p.m. – New penalty

Once again, the Racing 92 players are getting down to business. fault. Thomas Charabas leaves the advantage and Matéo Garcia's drop attempt passes. right of the poles. The Bordelais go into touch before the break.

21:51 – Woki penalisé

After a tackle on Romain Buros, Cameron Woki does not release him. He is sanctioned. Matéo Garcia finds a touch in the 22 meters of Ile-de-France.

New penaltyé for Racing 92 which returns à two points from UBB.

Thomas Charabas is clear: the hands and the ball went forward. The test is refused but Tristan Tedder will attempt his fourth penalty. after a previous fault.

21:48 – The video requested ;e !

Before the transformation, Thomas Charabas asks à review the last pass.

After an advantage left to the Racingmen, Antoine Gibert steps back and finally transmits a long pass à Habosi. If the pass seemed forward, the winger broke it. all the tackles to flatten while the Bordeaux defense almost stopped.

21:43 – Change

Touché à shoulder, Ben Tameifuna is forced out. The pillar leaves its place à Kaulashvili.

21:41 – Tameifuna touché

Au  center of the field, Ben Tameifuna remains on the ground. The pillar seems to suffer terribly from his right shoulder after a collision with Camille Chat.

21:40 – Lucu rectifies (14-9, 30th)

After two failures, Maxime Lucu rectifies the situation and allows è UBB regains a five-point lead.


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