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DIRECT. Euro 2024: Mbappé’s very strong position on the extremes

In a press conference, the captain of the French team took a very strong position against France. the rise of extremes.

The essentials

  • The Blues play their first match this Monday evening against à Austria. The composition of the France team is becoming clearer with a duel between Rabiot and Fofana in midfield with an advantage for the Juventus midfielder. In defense, William Saliba would be considered. In attack, the trio Mbapp&eac;, Demb&eac;l&eac; and Thuram should be aligned.
  • During the press conference this Sunday, captain Kylian Mbappé has taken a very strong position on the next elections. "I call on all young people " go vote, to become aware of the importance of the situation. I hope that my voice will carry as much as possible. I trust à all French people, every voice counts. I hope we will still be proud to wear this jersey on July 7."
  • For his part, Didier Deschamps explained: that everyone had the right to their own analysis, but still held to it. Send a message. "I can only follow what seems most important to me. There is a civic duty for French citizens, it is important."


17:56 – Deschamps' last words on the political context

END OF LIVE. "We represent everything that is diversity, union, diversity, solidarity, everything we can. I am logged out. If you attack me head-on, I will answer you. We are united, we will do everything to stay that way. I am a coach, I have a position that I have always had. I know what is happening in our country" explained again Didier Deschamps.

17:45 – Finally a question about football

"The first match is very important, not decisive. Starting with a victory, there's nothing better, it puts you in a good position, even if Austria thinks the same. Negotiating this first match well would put us in a good position. But there is not a single truth, look at Argentina (…)  Austria has this strength, it uses good verticality in the game. You will have to be ready to obtain the result you want."

17:35 – Deschamps: "There is a civic duty, it is important"

 &quot ;There are discussions around politics, à personally, I can only follow what seems most important to me. There is a civic duty for French citizens, it is important" finally concluded Didier Deschamps.

17:30 – Deschamps: "Everyone has their own analysis"

"Everyone has their own analysis. No matter what anyone says, there will be different opinions. They are footballers but they are French citizens and they are not outside the situation that France is experiencing. There is no advice ' give, there is freedom to say things with their words, their sensitivity. I have a lot of things to do deal with tomorrow's match" explainedé the coach of the France team.

17:23 – Mbappé : "you must not be disconnectedé"

“Tomorrow's match is important, but a situation is more important than tomorrow's match. We prepared for it as best we could. We must not be disconnected from the world and tomorrow we will be there to defend the colours of our country. It's a different situation and we have to adapt.”

17:22 – Mbappé shares Thuram's message

“I share the same values ​​as Marcus. I'm with him, he didn't go too far. We're still in a country that has freedom of expression. He gave his opinion, I'm with him,” said the captain of the Blues.

17:20 – Mbappé blocks the far right (2/2)

"I want to address the French people. We are a generation that can make a difference. The extremes are at the gates of power, we have the opportunity to to choose the future of our country. I call on all young people à go vote, to become aware of the importance of the situation. I hope my voice will carry as much as possible. I trust à all French people, every voice counts. I hope we will still be proud to wear this jersey on July 7."

"We are at a crucial moment in the history of our country, an unprecedented situation. We need to know how to put things into perspective and have a sense of our priorities. We are citizens, we must not be disconnected. of the world around us. We know that we are in an important situation for our country, an unprecedented situation."

10: 08 – The Euro program this Sunday with three new matches

After Spain's big victory against à Croatia (3-0) then the success of the Italian title holder against à Albania on Saturday evening (2-1), two other favorites, the Netherlands and England, enter the fray this Sunday during a day é agrave; again marked by three meetings.

  • At 3 p.m., the Netherlands, the Blues' main rival in their group, open the ball facing à Poland à Hamburg.
  • At 6 p.m., Denmark faces Slovenia at Stuttgart.
  • Finally à 9 p.m., England challenges Serbia at Gelsenkirchen.

10:05 – Bajrami scored the fastest goal in Euro history on Saturday evening

Taking advantage of a big mistake from Federico Dimarco, Nedim Bajrami opened the scoring after just 23 seconds of play on Saturday evening during the Italy-Albania match. If the Italians returned à height then took the advantage in the 16th minute to win 2-1, the Albanian entered the match. in history by scoring the fastest goal in the history of a Euro. The previous record dated back to 2004 during the Euro in Portugal. The Russian Dmitri Kirichenko opened the scoring after 76 seconds of play against the Russians. Greece. The Italians may have noted this. that the final winner of this 2004 edition was precisely Greece, a sign that a missed start was the reason can have happy consequences.

15/06/24 – 7:40 p.m. – Italy launches its Euro

< p>Italy will launch its Euro, the title holder. After a missed World Cup, the Italians will be expected for their first match against Italy. Albania. The two teams have faced each other four times, all since November 2014, and the Azzurri have won the match. all these matches.

15/06/24 – 18:34 – Eric Roy skeptical about the Blues

The best coach in Ligue 1 spoke about his doubts about RMC before the Blues match. "The big problem with this French team is that there are a lot of uncertainties about many players, notably ;elements in the midfield often starting like Rabiot and Tchouameni who have not yet played, even if behind there are players of great quality ;eacute;. Will the team be there? 100% physically, athletically ? If they are physically ready they can respond, but for the moment there are uncertainties. What concerns me is the health of the patient. reality of this French team."

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