DIRECT | Last minute of the legislative elections in the US

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With the closure of polling stations, the second phase of the 'midterms' begins. The count, which could take days, has begun to suggest that the red wave of Republican votes predicted by the polls may not materialize.


Ago < strong>13 minutes

The Democratic Party will control Michigan State Senate

The Democratic Party has achieved a majority in the Michigan State Senate for the first time in 40 years, securing control of the House of Representatives and also the seat of state governor after Tuesday's election.

“We've done it, Michigan. Since 1984 Republicans have used control of the Michigan Senate to block what Michigan families needed. They won't do that anymore,” the la It was the branch of the Democratic Party in Michigan.

The Democratic Party had not had a majority in both state houses since 1982. a in the state House of Representatives since 2008.

22 minutes ago

The campaign manager Democrat admits defeat

 US Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney, the head of the Democrats' election campaign, admitted he was wrong. this Wednesday his defeat in the legislative elections and he will stay behind. outside the House of Representatives. Maloney, who was running for a new district in New York after the redrawing of the electoral map of that state, decreed by a judge, fell to his death. against Republican Mike Lawler by a tight margin.

With 95% of the votes counted, Lawler had 50.6% of the support, compared to 49.4% for the Democratic candidate. Despite the fact that most of the media had not yet projected a winner, given the tight differences, Maloney admitted. the defeat of him on the morning of this Wednesday and congratulated him. to his rival in a statement to the media.

35 minutes ago

Republicans shorten distances

The Republican Party continues to close the gap to gain a majority in both Houses of the US Congress, although the final composition of the Senate will probably not be known. Until a few weeks. According to the latest projections by the US media, in the House of Representatives the Conservatives would already have 202 legislators, 16 from the majority.

Those estimates indicate, for example, that Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney, a representative from New York, would lose to Republican Mike Lawler. The Democrats, who in this legislature have the majority with 222 seats, would have 184 seats guaranteed for the time being. As for the Upper House, these projections have given one more senator to the Republicans after the confirmation of his position by the conservative congressman Ron Johnson against the Democrat Mandela Barnes, and with 49 seats they are two of most. Three key races remain to be decided: Arizona, Nevada and Georgia.

3 hours ago

USA, pending the results

The control of the two Chambers in the United States is still pending and it is possible that this is the case. May it be during the next few days, after very tight mid-term elections in which the Democratic Party has not had results as bad as expected, nor has it swept the Republican wave that conservatives expected.

3 hours ago

Words from a former Trump adviser

Sarah Matthews, former adviser to former United States President Donald Trump, stated this Wednesday that the results of the mid-term elections in the United States “are the best indicator” that the former president should not stand for election. in 2024.

“I think last night is the best indicator that Donald Trump should not be the Republican nominee in 2024,” said Matthews, who was White House deputy spokesman during the term. of Trump, according to the US television network CNN.

6 hours ago

Some of the big winners in the US elections

The This Tuesday's US mid-term elections have left some unforeseen surprises by most analysts, such as the Democrat resistance in the face of a “red wave” (Republican) that In the end it has not been, and also some prominent names that will surely play a fundamental role in the future of the world's largest democracy. These are some of the most relevant elected candidates

ago9 hours

Pelosi speaks

The president of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has assured that the candidates Democrats to the body in the mid-term legislative elections are exceeding the expectations of the entire country.

“It is clear that the members of the House of Representatives and the Democratic candidates are far exceeding expectations throughout the country,” Pelosi said in a statement on the provisional results of the election day. This Tuesday, in which there are close contests, so the winners of both chambers have not been determined.

Ago 9 hours

McCarthy speaks of Republican victory

The current leader of the Republican minority in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, has assured this Wednesday that the Republican Party has won enough seats to control the organization and has highlighted that “it is of course” that “they are going to recover the Camera”.

“I want to thank millions of followers in this country. It is clear that we are going to recover the Chamber,” he said. “When they wake up tomorrow, we will be in the majority and (Speaker of the House of Representatives) Nancy Pelosi will be in the minority,” he said, according to the television network. Fox News.

9 hours ago

Congratulations from Biden

US President Joe Biden called. He called some of his party's winners in the midterm elections by phone Tuesday, such as the leader of the Senate Democrats, Chuck Schumer, who represents New York.

Biden, who is in the White House, spoke I spoke by phone with 37 Democrats who have already been declared winners in this election. In addition, he sent I sent a text message to Democrat John Fetterman, who will be one of the two senators from the key state of Pennsylvania.

10 hours ago

The legislators of 'the squad '

The Democratic legislators that make up 'the squad' (the brigade), led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, were re-elected in the mid-term elections held on Tuesday in the US, according to projections by the main media.< /p>

The original members of “the brigade”, Ocasio-Cortez, from New York; Ilhan Omar, from Minnesota; Rashida Tlaib of Michigan; and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts; They were re-elected to their seats in the House of Representatives, according to US media projections.

10 hours ago

Trump hit in Pennsylvania

Former United States President Donald Trump (2017-2021) took In Tuesday's mid-term elections, a setback occurred in Pennsylvania, where the Democrats defeated the two candidates that Trump had supported for the governorship and for one of the state's seats in the Senate.

Pennsylvania was one of the states where Biden and Trump had invested the most effort: they both started there. They entered the electoral campaign in September and last Saturday they held large rallies in that state, in an attempt to scratch the last votes.

Ago < strong>10 hours

Committee; of the assault on the Capitol

The future of the committee Legislature investigating the January 6, 2021 assault on the US Capitol, while the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election was certified, remains up in the air after Tuesday's mid-term elections in the country. .

The group is on. It is made up of nine congressmen: its president, Bennie Thompson, also Democrats Zoe Lofgren, Adam Schiff, Pete Aguilar, Stephanie Murphy, Jamie Raskin and Elaine Luria, and Republicans Liz Cheney and Adam Zinzinger.

< p>Thompson, Lofgren, Schiff and Raskin all secured their seats in Tuesday's election. Luria was defeated in Virginia by Republican Jen Kiggans, according to projections that also predict an eventual victory for Aguilar in California.

Cheney had lost in his party's primaries and the two remaining members, Kinzinger and Murphy, decided early on not to run for re-election.

11 hours ago

< strong>Maxwell Frost becomes the youngest congressman in history at 25 years old

Democrat Maxwell Frost will be the first member of Generation Z, born after 1996, to occupy a seat in the United States House of Representatives, after the scrutiny of the mid-term legislative elections held this Tuesday in the country.

Frost is a community organizer who will spend to be a congressman for Florida's 10th District, after defeating Republican Calvin Wimbish.

11 hours ago

Nancy Pelosi wins reelection but does not clarify which will be. her future for her tico

The president of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, was re-elected this Tuesday to represent the California's 11th district, but has not yet clarified what it will be. her political future.

The Democratic leader, who represents one of the most progressive districts in the US, won her political future. The Republican candidate, John Dennis, overwhelmingly with more than 80% of the vote, according to estimates by The New York Times.

Ago >11 hours

Four US states have voted in favor of abortion rights

Four US states, Kentucky, Michigan, Vermont and California, voted this Tuesday in favor of protecting the right to abortion in separate referendums on this issue, while in Montana preliminary results also give a victory in this regard.

In the southern state of Kentucky, where abortion is already in effect. prohibited except in a few exceptions, such as when it is With the mother's life in jeopardy, a majority of voters voted “no” on Amendment 2 of the state Constitution, according to media projections.

11 hours ago

California is the largest US state to ban flavored tobacco

California has become the largest state in the US. in prohibiting the sale in stores or through vending machines of menthol cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and flavored vaporizers.

With majority support, Californians, who went to the polls on Tuesday for mid-term elections across the country, decided to approve< strong> the one known as Proposition 31 and thus vetoing it. the popular flavored tobacco.

11 hours ago

Democrat Josh Shapiro wins the governorship of Pennsylvania facing Trump's candidate

Democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro will be He became the next governor of Pennsylvania after defeating far-right Republican Doug Mastriano, who had been endorsed by former US President Donald Trump.

Shapiro's campaign has focused on protecting democracy, while Mastriano has been one of the main deniers of the results of the 2020 presidential elections, whose conspiracies provoked the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Mastriano has also called for the total ban on abortion and is has spoken out against the COVID-19 restrictions.

11 hours ago

The Republican 'anti- Trump' Brian Kemp revalidates as governor of Georgia

The current Republican governor of the US state of Georgia, Brian Kemp, will return to be at the head of the state government for another six years, after defeating Democrat Stacey Abrams in the mid-term elections.

It is the second time that Kemp He defeats Abrams, although the Republican candidate was not former US President Donald Trump's favorite in the primaries to govern the state, according to US media reports.

11 hours ago

Maggie Hassan will revalidate as a Democratic senator for New Hampshire in the 'midterms' He took office after winning the race for the lower house seat against Republican Don Bolduc, an important victory for the Democratic Party due to the unpopularity of its candidate.

The seat of New HampshireIt helps the party of US President, Joe Biden, to get a little closer to controlling at least one of the two chambers, since the latest forecasts indicate that the Republican Party will take over. with the House of Representatives, according to US media reports.

11 hours ago

More ;s of 130 deniers win in the mid-term elections in the US.

More than 130 candidates who denied or questioned the results of the 2020 presidential elections were elected this Tuesday to occupy a seat in the United States Congress or a position in local governments. p>

Florida and Texas are among the states that elected the most denialist politicians in these elections, according to an analysis by The Washington Post.

11 hours ago

The last voting centers in the United States are closed

The last voting centers in the United States have closed tonight in western Alaska, at 06:00, twenty hours after the opening of the first on the east coast of the country in these mid-term elections.

Alaska and Hawaii, where the centers closed at 05:00, They have been the last states to finish their electoral day of these elections, when throughout the country, meanwhile, the counting of votes continues with many unknowns yet to be resolved.

12 hours ago

Michigan, California and Vermont approve establishing abortion as a constitutional right

Voters in Michigan, California and Vermont They approved this Tuesday a ballot measure that establishes reproductive freedom as a constitutional right, making these states the first in the United States to make an abortion ban permanently unenforceable since the repeal of the law. Roe v. Wade law by the Supreme Court.

The approval of the proposition invalidates in Michigan a 1931 state law that prohibits abortion without exception in case of rape or incest, reports the American channel NBC. Thus, this measure prevents abortion rights from being revoked.

12 hours ago

Democrats and Republicans Victory in the Senate is at stake in the key states

Having closed the electoral colleges in practically the entire country, except in the state of Hawaii and Alaska, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are vying for victory in the Senate in the swing states or states key.

Although both parties have maintained some of their feuds to date, such as New York, Colorado, Oregon or California for the Democrats; Kansas, Oklahoma, Indiana or Alabama for the Republicans, the states of Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona could be decisive in these 'midterms'.

Ago >12 hours

Oklahoma elects its first Native American senator since 1925

Republican Markwayne Mullin will become became the first Native American senator in nearly a century, since 1925, to represent Oklahoma in the United States Senate, according to CNN.

“Victory Tonight is the honor of my life and a great victory for our country. I want to thank all Oklahomans who supported our campaign and volunteered to elect strong Republicans across the state,” Mullin said.

12< /strong> hours

The Democrats snatch the governorships of Maryland and Massachusetts from the Republicans

The Democrats snatched this Tuesday the The Republicans won the governorships of two states, Maryland and Massachusetts, when 23 of the 36 gubernatorial races at stake in these elections had been resolved.

Democrat Wes Moore won Maryland as the state's first black governor, after two terms under Republican Larry Hogan.

13 hours ago

Republicans hold Ohio but fall short of key New Hampshire state

this Tuesday to maintain his senator for Ohio, but he did not manage to win. one of his main objectives of the night:to prevail in the Senate race in the key battleground state of New Hampshire, according to projections by the major US media.

Preserving Ohio was essential for conservatives if they wanted to win the control of the Senate -currently in Democratic hands-, but having lost in New Hampshire, where progressive senator Maggie Hassan held on. the position, means that despite the victory in Ohio his options are reduced.

13 hours ago

JD Vance, the author of Hillbilly Elegy, wins the Senate seat in Ohio

< p>The Republican JD Vance, who has been supported by former President Trump, wins the Senate race in Ohio in the mid-term elections in the United States.

13 hours ago

Coastal polling places closed Western United States

The electoral centers on the west coast of the United States, which is holding mid-term elections this Tuesday, closed their doors to the 4:00 am on Wednesday, after the east, center and south of the country did.

The states of California, Oregón and Washington closed their voting centers, on a day in which the federal Congress is renewed and a multitude of municipal and state positions are elected.

13 hours ago

Republicans overtake Democrats in the United States House of Representatives

The Republicans for the moment are ahead of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, according to the counted vote that has granted more than two hundred seats out of the total of 435 legislators who They will form the Lower House, a legislative body that the Republican Party seeks to control with its victory to make it difficult to implement the policies of the Biden Administration.

The candidates of the Republican Party have won 147 seats in the House of Representatives, compared to 83 for their Democratic rivals. However, more than 200 seats remain to be decided, pending the completion of counting the votes and closing the polling stations on the west coast of the country.

14 hours ago

Trump stands as the voice of the Republicans on election night

Former Republican President Donald Trump (2017-2021) reappeared this Tuesday in the political arena from his mansion in Mar-A-Lago (Florida) to congratulate the Republicans in the mid-term elections and wish them a good result.

Without closing the polling stations in the west of the countryand with still few projections on the votes cast to renew the House of Representatives, a third of the Senate and a multitude of local offices, fall, without specifying his figures, that his side had already accumulated 80 victories and three defeats at the federal level.

14 ago hours

Biden congratulates the winning Democratic senators, congressmen and governors on the US East Coast

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has congratulated the candidates of the Democratic Partywho have won their electoral races this Tuesday during the mid-term elections.

“Tonight, the president has made congratulatory calls to the governor-elect of Massachusetts, Maura Healey; to the Governor of Rhode Island, Dan McKee (…); to the Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis”, wields a statement issued by the White House.

14 hours ago

The Democratic Party retains with Kathy Hochul the symbolic government of New York

a symbolic victory in the government of the state of New York, when its candidate Kathy Hochul, current governor, won in a competition with Republican Lee Zeldin that seemed much tighter during the campaign.

With almost 75% of votes counted, Hochul has already achieved an almost overwhelming victory by taking 69.8% of the votes. Although she has not yet come out to claim victory, it seems impossible that Zeldin (of the Republican right wing) can reverse the trend.

14 hours ago

New Hampshire becomes the first state to elect a trans man to the US Congress

The Democrat James Roesener has become the first trans man to become a congressman in the history of the United States after winning the race to represent the 22nd district of the state of New Hampshire in the House. of Representatives of the country.

Roesener, 26, will be She is the first trans person to represent Americans in the country's lower house, joining the only eight state legislators from the trans community who are in politics in the United States. >, as reported by 'The Washington Post'.

14 hours ago

The midterm elections leave a ” red tsunami” in Florida

The Republican Party managed to this Tuesday an indisputable victory in the main positions at stake in the midterm elections in Florida, a state that is consolidating itself as a conservative bastion with two years to go before the presidential elections.

“The people have delivered their verdict: freedom is here to stay,” said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who stressed that not only have the Republicans won, but they have “redefined the political map.”

15 hours ago

< strong>Marco Rubio commits to work for the world leadership of the United States

Republican Marco Rubio, who according to the first projections prevailed over Democratic congresswoman Val Demings for the seat they were disputing in the Senate for the state of Florida, committed to work to maintain the world leadership of the United States.

Rubio, who is leading Demings by 14 percentage points (56.5% against 42.5 %), he addressed in Miami to his followers of the Republican Party after knowing the expected victory in a euphoric tone and surrounded by his wife and children.

ago 15 hours

Judge rejects the lawsuit of the Republicans in Maricopa County

A judge in Maricopa County (Arizona) has rejected A demand from the Republicans who asked for the voting to be extended by three hours due to technical problems in some tabulating machines.

15 hours ago

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, re-elected to the Lower House in New York

Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won. this Tuesday the elections in the district of her and renewed & oacute; so your seat that you got in 2018 and confirmed in 2020, according to most media projections.

It was no surprise, and Ocasio-Cortez, 33, took the 14th district without difficulty to Tina Forte, a Republican of the hard wing, adept at conspiracy theories and who confessed to being a spy. having participated in the assault on the Capitol in January 2021 to challenge the results of the last presidential elections.

15 hours ago

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, will be Governor of Arkansas

The Republican Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was Donald Trump's spokesperson and press officer at the White House, will be Governor of Arkansas. She is the next governor of the state of Arkansas after the mid-term elections, which are taking place in the United States.

15 hours ago

The Republican Party snatches 3 seats in the Lower House from the Democrats in the US

this Tuesday in Florida three seats in the United States Lower House until now in the hands of the Democratic Party, becoming the first to change political color in the mid-term elections that will decide the future of Congress.

According to projections by the major US media, three Republicans won in districts in Florida that today are represented by progressive legislators.

15 hours ago

Marjorie Taylor Greene, re-elected as congresswoman for the state of Georgia

The Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene,whose racist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories put her on the fringes of the Republican Party when she was first elected two years ago, has been re-elected this Tuesday in the mid-term elections in the United States as a congresswoman for the state from Georgia.

15 hours ago

A failure to count votes in Arizona (USA) provokes complaints of fraud among Republicans

Some members of the Republican Party They have shown their complaints accusing possible electoral fraud in Maricopa County, in the US state of Arizona, after 20 percent of the electoral colleges have registered technical errors in the tabulation of ballot papers.

By mid-afternoon (local time) “the solution to the tabulation problems in about 60 voting centers” has been identified, whose bug prevented the scan from being carried out, NPR has reported.

16 hours ago

Democrats call on their voters to rush to the polls until the last minute

The Democratic Party has appealed to its voters to stay in the voting lines even if the polling stations close strong> in an attempt to scratch the highest number of votes in the late afternoon.

At a time when the polling stations in the US East Coast states are already closing, Democratic leaders such as the US president, Joe Biden, or his 'number two', Kamala Harris , have urged to remain in the polling station until the last moment.

16 hours ago

The US state of Maryland elects its first black governor

TheThe US state of Maryland has elected Democrat Wes Moore as its new governor, thus becoming the new governor. in the first black man to obtain that title in the history of the state, according to US media reports.

Moore, 44, has thus defeated his Republican rival Dan Cox, who received the support of former US President Donald Trump. In this way, the state of Maryland has passed into the hands of the Democratic Party, since it was previously governed by Republican Larry Hogan.

16 ago hours

Republicans ask to keep Maricopa polling places open

The Committee Republican National (RNC, for its acronym in English) filed a lawsuit on Tuesday to keep the polling places in Maricopa County open, where 62% of the inhabitants of the state of Arizona live, due to failures with the voting machines.

The Committee The National Republican, in coordination with the campaigns of Arizona gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake and Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters, have called for voting centers to be kept open until 5:00 p.m. 22:00 local time (06:00, on the peninsula), 3 hours more than expected.

16 hours ago

Maura Healey, the first woman elected governor of Massachusetts

The Democrat Maura Healey victory in the state of Massachusetts easily against her Republican rival Geoffrey Diehl, who had received the support of former President Donald Trump.

Healey, who has made history in the state for Being the first woman elected governor of this state, one of her plans is to appoint a cabinet in charge of climate change issues and encourage the installation of one million heat pumps throughout the state. by 2030.

16 hours ago

DeSantis and Rubio manage to be re-elected in Florida, according to projections

The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, and the senator for this state Marco Rubio, both Republicans, were winners in the midterm elections this Tuesday, according to the first projections of the US media.

DeSantis He started as the favorite to prevail over his opponent, the Democrat Charlie Crist, and according to the first projections, a little more than 73% of the votes counted takes him almost 15 percentage points< /strong> (57% over 42%).

16 hours ago

Most polling places in the central and eastern US are closed

Most of the polling stations in the eastern and central United States, which are holding mid-term elections this Tuesday, had already closed their doors at 01:00 on Wednesday .

At 00.30 on Wednesday it was the turn of North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia, while at 01.00 the District of Columbia, where Washington, the US capital, is located, and Almost all of the center of the country declared the vote ended.

In addition to Washington DC, this was the case in almost twenty states, including Alabama , Connecticut, Kansas, Texas, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

16 hours ago

Nearly eight out of ten American voters are confident that there will be no Voter Fraud in the Midterms

Most voters in midterm elections in the United States have at least some confidence that the elections in their state they are carried out in a fair and accurate manner, without giving rise to any type of electoral fraud, according to a CNN poll.

Specifically, almost >eight out of ten voters express some confidence in the midterms, while two out of ten people who have gone to the polls did not have much or not at all confidence. Likewise, about half have been very sure of the legitimacy of the vote.

17 hours ago< /p>

First results without surprises in the Republican and Democratic strongholds

The first results of this election day in the US settled without surprises in the respective strongholds of the Republicans and Democrats in South Carolina and Vermont, where the candidates I predicted prevailed. the polls.

In South Carolina, one of the most conservative states in the country, Republican Senator Tim Scott was re-elected and won smoothly to his Democratic rival,according to the projections of the main media in the country.

17 hours ago

The centers of Voting in Florida, except in the Northwest

The voting centers for the midterm elections closed this Tuesday throughout Florida except in the Northwest , which is in another time zone, after an election day marked by normality, but with unstable weather due to the expected arrival of tropical storm Nicole.

The discordant note was a dispute between the Florida authorities and the Department of Federal justice because of some observers sent to this state.

17 hours ago

The result of the 'midterm ' won't affect to Biden's plans to run for president in 2024

The results of the mid-term elections this Tuesday in the United States they will not affect the decision of the president of the United States, Joe Biden, whether or not to run for the next presidential election in 2024.

So This has been confirmed by an adviser to the United States Government to the CNN network, which, however, has recognized that the result of the elections to the House of Representatives and the Senate will probably reshape the country. Washington and thus the workings of the White House.

17 hours ago

Most polling places on the US East Coast close.

Most Many of the polling stations on the east coast of the United States, which are holding mid-term elections this Tuesday, closed their doors at midnight on Wednesday.

The first to close the day, at 11:00 p.m. on Tuesday, were Indiana and Kentucky, in the Midwest and South of the country. They were followed an hour later Florida, Georgia, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Vermont and Virginia.

17 ago hours

The count begins in the US legislative electionsThe count of the votes in the crucial legislative elections that the United States has held this Tuesday  started. With the closing of the first polling stations in Indiana and Kentucky at six in the afternoon local time, midnight in Spain, the final and definitive stretch of these elections is entering , surrounded by  tension and uncertainty. And at stake are 435 seats in the Lower House, 35 in the Senate, 36 governors and dozens of legislatures and state offices, but also the agenda of President Joe Biden, which until now had been able to rely on a meager control of the two chambers. At stake is also the future of the United States.

18 hours ago

Biden asks the voters, who are in the voting lines, make their voices heard

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, asked for this Tuesday to Americans who are in line to vote in the mid-term elections to wait, not to leave and make their voices heard.

“As polls begin to close in some parts of the country, if you're in line at your polls before they close, stay in line. r your voice,” the president said on Twitter.

18 hours ago

The first Voting centers in mid-term elections in the US

The first electoral centers in the United States, which this Tuesday holds mid-term elections, closed at 11:00 p.m. GMT, specifically in the states of Kentucky and Indiana.

The last state to close the vote centers will be the state of Kentucky. Alaska, which with two time zones, will put The end of the election day in the country at 06:00 GMT on Wednesday, with the closure of polling stations in its western part.

20 hours

Division at the polls

United StatesIt is, increasingly, a polarized country, politically and ideologically.  to be so this Tuesday in some  legislative elections unusually crucial and especially tense. (Idoya Noain).

20 hours ago

Tranquility in the Capitol

The surroundings of the US Capitol, assaulted in January 2021 while the presidential victory of Democrat Joe Biden was being certified, recorded an incident-free day this Tuesday during the mid-term elections.

As EFE was able to verify, in the building that houses the Senate and the House of Representatives there was no evident special device to maximize security during these elections, the first federal elections after the 2020 presidential elections.

20 hours ago

Bomb threat

Louisiana Voting has been interrupted after a bomb threat at a polling station, which has had to move its tables to another center, as reported by the State Undersecretary for Communication, John Tobler.

On the other hand,At least 18 cases of alleged voter intimidation in Arizona have been referred to local and federal law enforcement authorities for review since the start of early voting on October 12, according to reports. NBC.

Precisely in that same state, in Arizona, election officials have highlighted that there are problems with the electronic machines in at least 20 percent of the polling places. in Maricopa County.

20 hours ago

ago21 hours

Biden calls for a vote

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has requested through a message on Twitter that voters turn out to vote. “At the heart of our democracy is a basic principle: the right to vote,” he has tweeted. “With him, anything is possible. Vote today,” he added.

21 hours ago

Ago 21 hours

Incidents in Maricopa

The mid-term elections in the US take place normally this Tuesday, although there have been incidents in the voting machines Voting and voting by mail in some of the largest constituencies by population.

One of them is Maricopa (Arizona, USA), the second largest electoral district in the United States, where there are problems with the voting machines in some centers. The Maricopa Elections Department, which has 233 polling places, announced this Tuesday that 10% of the centers were experiencing problems with the voting machines.

21 hours ago

High Turnout

A high turnout is expected for these mid-term elections. 42 million Americans had already cast their ballots early before the polls opened their doors. This represents a record for legislative elections, which is expected to exceed 50% participation (in 2018 it was 53%). 

Ago < strong>22 hours

Trump's lies

The vote count is on. in the spotlight in today's mid-term elections in the United States as a result of the hoaxes of the former presidentDonald Trump to denounce electoral fraud in the presidential elections that he lost. in 2020. “The rules of operation and counting (of votes) have not changed. Everything is the same as last time,” Jimmi Littles, head of a polling station located in a church in northern California, told EFE. Atlanta, Georgia.

Trump lost in this key state by only 11,000 votes in 2020against the current president, Democrat Joe Biden, a narrow margin that was used by the Republican to denounce electoral fraud and force a second recount, which confirmed the election. the victory of the Democrat.

The Southern Territory is decisive again two years later since, together with Pennsylvania and Nevada, it will decide to win. The balance of the majority in the Senate, whether on the Democratic or Republican side.

22 hours ago

Georgia, key

One of the key races this Tuesday  in the State of Georgia: there it could be decided what party will control the Senate. On the side of the Democrats is Reverend Raphael Warnock, while the Republican stake is former football player Herschel Walker. Polls place both candidates fairly close to a tie. 

22 hours ago


The manipulation of electoral districts by politicians, a A phenomenon known as 'gerrymandering', has made the races for a seat in the House of Representatives very close. In 2020 there were 51 districts where the difference between candidates was five points or less. Today there are 64.

The Democrats fight to keep most of these, 44. In Nevada, for example, three congressmen from this party are fighting to stay in Congress despite the fact that their districts were redrawn to, in theory, protect them. Similar phenomena are developing in Illinois and Oregon. The same goes for Republicans, who have found Democratic candidates nipping at their heels in some districts where they previously won comfortably. 

23 years agohours

More than 45 million votes counted

More than 45 million people have voted early in at least 47 states while thousands of Americans go to the polls this Tuesday in mid-term elections in which the Democratic Party is at stake for the majority in both houses of Congress.

The state of Texas has recorded the most early votes, with more than 5.4 million, followed by Florida, with more than 4.9 million, and California, with more than 4.7 ballots, according to data provided by Edison Research and Catalyst.

The number of ballots cast before the official opening of the polls in the United States will continue to grow. increasing as election officials update the vote-by-mail tally, CNN has reported.

23 hours ago

New York goes out to vote

The New Yorkers have gone out to vote this Tuesday in the mid-term electionswith the uncertainty of who will become in the next governor, since the Republican candidate, Lee Zeldin, could take the position from the current governor, Kathy Hochul, in a traditionally Democratic state.

< p>Nora Killoran teleworked Today, a business day in the United States, to be able to vote without any problem at a school in the West Village, where he deposited his money. Your newsletter for the Democratic Party candidates.

1 day ago

“A great night”< /h3>

The former president of the United States Donald Trump has predicted that this Tuesday will be the a “big night” for the Republicans, thus alluding to to a possible good result of the match in the mid-term elections.

The former president has cast his vote in Palm Beach, in the state of Florida, from where he has addressed the media to confirm that he has opted for Republican Ron DeSantis to revalidate his mandate as governor.

1 day ago

Rare atmosphere

The pressure on the system is charging an environment already rarefied since 2020. One in three officials and poll workers who served in those elections and suffered varying levels of harassment have left their jobs due to concerns. for your safety.

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The authorities of The United Stateshas not detected any significant hacker activities that could jeopardize the reliability of the electionswhich are being held this Tuesday and which will have, as their main epicenter, the total renovation of the House of Representatives and a third of the Senate.

A spokesperson for the Cybersecurity Agency and Infrastructure Security (CISA, for its acronym in English) has stated this Tuesday that “there are still no specific threats seenor credible that could jeopardize the infrastructure of the elections”, according to CNN.

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The current scenario

Currently, Biden's party has a slim majority in the lower house (222 congressmen are Democrats and 213 are Republicans) and is tied with the Republicans to 50 senators in the upper house, although he retains the majority due to the casting vote of Vice President Kamala Harris.

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What are the key states?

In many states the winner is taken for granted because they have always chosen the same side, but there are a handful of constituencies that tend to change color more. There are six states to pay particular attention to: 

  • Pennsylvania

  • Michigan

  • Wisconsin

  • Georgia< /strong>

  • Nevada

  • Arizona

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What? What time do polling stations close?

Since the country has up to six time zones, the first polling stations to close will be those on the East Coast, in most cases at 1:00 in the morning (Spanish peninsular time). In the West Coast, the polls will close at 5:00 a.m.

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36 governments are at stake

With your vote, Americans will decide what will happen. n the renewal of much of the two chambers of Congress: the 435 seats that make up the House of Representatives(where deputies serve a two-year term) and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate (where the seat is six years and the date of their election varies).

In addition, the governorships of 36 states are at stakeand a multitude of state and local positions, such as the Secretaries of State.

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Midterms, key elections

The United States holds its legislative elections this Tuesday, elections which will determine the composition of Congress and the last two years of President Joe Biden's term in office.

The Democrats currently hold control of the House of Representatives and the Senate, but the polls predict that the Republican opposition will recover the power. The weighted average of polls carried out by the FiveThirtyEight website gives them a 55% chance of winning the Upper House and an 84% chance of becoming strong in the Lower House.

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