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DIRECT. Mbappé injury: concern grows, his package for the Euro mentioned

“DIRECT. Mbapp's injury: concern grows, his package for the Euro is mentioned”

Frenchman Kylian Mbappé is expected to miss the next match against the Netherlands and the rest of his Euro is still uncertain.

The essentials

  • Frenchman Kylian Mbappé is expected to miss the next match of the group stage of Euro 2024 due to his broken nose and a displaced nasal septum. While the official announcement of the French team has not been done, his absence is now almost certain.
  • While an operation was not envisaged, Didier Deschamps mentioned in a video published by the FFF that the Frenchman should indeed undergo surgery in the coming weeks.
  • À At the moment, his package for the rest of the Euro has not been confirmed, but new exams will be carried out this Wednesday 19 June and decisions will be made.


13:20 – Haise defends Danso

The former Lens coach, who knows Kevin Danso well, defended his former player who unfortunately injured Kylian Mbappé. “There is nothing, it is unfortunately Mbappé who, by making the head, ends up his face in Kevin's back. There is no subject. Obviously, he is still very strong physically. But what I can say about him, having had him for three years, is that he is really not mean and I have never seen him be mean to me,” he confided before a Lens teammate added another layer: “The man is very respectful, a very good locker room teammate, he adapted quickly and spoke French quickly, he is really a top guy! Physically, he is a beautiful beast and, when he goes to the duel, it can do damage, we saw it. He is also very fast and, most of the time he is a clean player. He is not a butcher, as we can think after this match.”

12:44 – “A hard blow if Kylian does not play” for Adrien Rabiot

Questioned on the possible package of Mbapp&eac;, the Juventus midfielder obviously explainedé that his absence would be a hard blow. "I understood that he was uncertain and not yet absent. This is not active. But it is of course securing a very important player, çit will inevitably have an impact, particularly on the preparation of the opposing teams. But we have an exceptional group. On the bench, we have ample means to replace Kylian. I have complete confidence in our quality. on the bench."

12:27 – Rabiot recalls the example of Szczesny who had a broken nose

Questioned on the broken nose that the Poland goalkeeper had some time ago, Adrien Rabiot explained that the latter was able to play a few days later. "I don't know exactly if it's the same thing as Kylian. He was é operated on the next day or two days later and he was available for the next match. Did they take risks to play him? That's another question. But he was there."

12:11 – Saliba: "He had the seems to be a little better"

"I thought ité This morning he was a little better. He went to do other tests, I don't know any more. But the good news is that he seemed to be doing a little better. explainedé the Arsenal defender at a press conference at Arsenal noon.

11:55 – The Bleus press conference will begin

The daily press conference of the '& The French team will begin in a few minutes, with Adrien Rabiot and William Saliba to answer questions from journalists. They should once again revolve around Kylian Mbappé's injury.

11:30 – Who to replace Kylian Mbappé ?

Kylian Mbappé will certainly miss the next match against the Netherlands, even if his withdrawal has not yet been confirmed. confirmed by the federation nor by the staff of the Blues. To replace it &agrav; At the forefront of the attack, Olivier Giroud would hold the rope, he who wasé selected for this Euro with the status of substitute for his last competition with the Blues. Marcus Thuram could also be repositioned; in point, with Coman or Kolo Muani à LEFT. Finally Kolo Muani could also claim the position of number nine, even if he has mainly been in charge. used on one side by Didier Deschamps.

11:05 – Why a carbon mask ?

In case of return, Kylian Mbappé will most certainly have to wear a protective mask on their face. The aim is in fact to protect the nose, by placing the shocks on the cheekbones and the forehead. In the case of professional athletes, masks are generally made of carbon, the preferred material for use in sports. for its robustness and lightness. The mask is then molded; directly à the shape of the player's face, and made in just a few days. 

10:40 – The president of the FFF does not rule out a package from Mbapp& ;eacute; for the whole Euro

"Kylian had this injury to his nose yesterday, the news was rather reassuring. He is premature; to give a schedule for the rest of the tournament. We will wait during the day, but once again the information was rather positive. explainedé the president yesterday at a press conference.

10:15 – Mbappé's Euro is finished in case of operation

Contact&eac; by Le Figaro, the former doctor of the France team Alain Simon hopes that the broken nose from which Kylian Mbappé does not require any operation. Indeed, it estimates the duration of absence in the event of surgical operation at at least three weeks due to healing. This would then mean the end of the Euro for the captain of the Blues, and a big blow for the France team.

09:50 – "The mask shouldn't disturb him"

Kylian Mbappé with a mask ? The question does not arise, he will definitely have a mask. Just &agrav; know if the Frenchman will be bothered by the latter. For a specialist interviewed by RMC, there should be no problem. "If the mask is well adapted, normally it will not be hampered, neither in terms of vision, nor in terms of breathing, assures the specialist. It’s like a second skin. Normally it will not be bothered. to practice your sport. The only thing that could disturb him a little is if the mask goes too high on the forehead and he makes heads, the ball won't go exactly whereù he wants. This is why it needs to be adjusted correctly (hellip;) The problem is apprehension . Afterwards, he is still a high-level athlete, who wants to continue his sport. So I think he will quickly put aside apprehension, knowing that he is protected.

09:25 – Real "worried" for Mbappé

Kylian Mbapp&eac;'s future club, Real, is carefully following the development of Kylian Mbapp&eac;'s injury, but cannot do much at the moment. "Logically, we are concerned about the development of Kylian's fracture, but until July 1, it is not officially our player and, being at the European Championship, it is normal for France to think about it. his interests and not his interests. those of Madrid. We are bound hand and foot until the end. this date" explainedé a source close to Real for As.

09:00 – The Netherlands are thinking of seeing Mbappé

"I think Mbappé “will be fine in terms of physical condition,” said Tijjani Reijnders, AC Milan midfielder, Tuesday at a press conference. "I think we'll see him in a mask on Friday. He's a great football player and we'll have to deal with that."

08:45 – New exams this Wednesday

The FFF has mentioned uncertainty over the presence of Kylian Mbappé this Friday against the Netherlands. The decision should be made within the day. the continuation of new examinations.

08:36 – A surgical intervention announced

Discarded at first, the surgical intervention will take place for Kylian Mbapp. Just &agrav; know, when ? There should not be any during the competition, but Didier Deschamps, who gave the info, remained quite vague.

08:31 – Mbappé package against the Netherlands ?

The announcement of the French team has not yet been announced. summer made, but the Frenchman Kylian Mbapp&eac; should well be forfeited for the second meeting of Euro 2024 against the Netherlands.

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