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DIRECT. Nantes - PSG: with a deflected shot, Lucas Hernandez opens the scoring after the hour mark, follow the match!

After the victory against Real Sociedad in the Champions League, Paris Saint-Germain is back in Ligue 1 où the Parisians move onto the pitch of FC Nantes. After the hour mark, Lucas Hernandez opened the scoring with a deflected shot. Follow the match live.

DIRECT. Nantes - PSG: with a deflected shot, Lucas Hernandez opens the scoring after the hour mark, follow the match!

Nantes 0: 1 < img alt = "PSG score" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/9pn-v-b1t3x8l4bbvjdiq74ciew=/450x/smart/ee61b83b8064498e837f5251219bc87e/ccmcms-lintern ng " /> PSG Live

Kylian Mbappé don't tremble and transform the penalty. Rémy Descamps was on the right side. 

22:36 – Penalty for Paris!

In the area, Kylian Mbappé hooks Douglas Augusto and J&rôme Brisard whistles a penalty. 

22:34 – Demb&eac;lé exceptional

What a breakthrough for Ousmane Dembélé ! He dodges a tackle from Cozza before serving Mbappé in the surface. It's clear. by Pallois.

22:33 – Moses Simon returns

Aprè s having arguedé the CAN with Nigeria, Moses Simon makes his return with FC Nantes where he replaces Mostefa Mohamed.

22:31 – Six meters for Nantes

Offset by Mbappé, Lucas Hernandez collapses after contact with Castelletto but he does not get a penalty.

22:28 – Mohamed stumbles upon Donnarumma

Marquinhos gives up his place à Lucas Beraldo. In the process, Mohamed is launched into action. by Traoré. He appears on the left of the penalty area before trying his luck but Donnarumma turns away.

22:25 – Kadewere comes out

First change for FC Nantes: Traoré replaces Kadewere.

22:24 – Triple change

After l&amp After opening the score, Luis Enrique proceeded to score. &agrav; three changes: Ousmane Dembél&eac;, Achraf Hakimi and Kylian Mbappé have replaced Lee Kang-In, Randal Kolo Muani and Marco Asensio.

Offset on the left, Lucas Hernandez tries his luck à twenty-five meters but it is diverted by Moussa Sissoko. Rémy Descamps can't do anything about the shot that passes to his left. 

22:17 – Kadewere and Hernandez tense

After contact with Lucas Hernandez, Kadewere attacks the defender. Spirits are heating up. la Beaujoire. 

22:16 – Donnarumma concentratedé

Spaces start à appear. Kadewere escapes into the area before being outplayed. by Donnarumma. 

22:14 – Pallois close to a superb goal

À 35 meters from the Donnarumma cages, Pallois controls and tries his luck. The goalkeeper concedes a corner with a superb tap. The corner kick does nothing.

22:12 – Mbappé &agrav; warm-up

After returning from the locker room, Kylian Mbappé left à the warm-up.

22:10 – Marquinhos ahead of Descamps

On a corner hit &agrav; two, the ball arrives up to Kolo Muani on the right. The attacker crosses into the area and Marquinhos beats the exit of Rémy Descamps. The ball flies six meters.

22:09 – Vitinha contré

On the side left, Randal Kolo Muani finds Gonçalo Ramos at the penalty spot. It deviates back for Vitinha who strikes with first intention. Pallois against the attempt.

22:06 – Kolo Muani à left

With the entry into play of Gonçalo Ramos, Randal Kolo Muani passes into the left lane.

22:05 – The players return, Barcola leaves

The players are back on the pitch Beaujoire. Bradley Barcola gives up his place to Gonçalo Ramos.

45 minutes left à argue. The Parisians kick off the second period.

21:55 – Conflicting figures

Dominating is not winning. Here is the illustration where: the Parisians have 82% of ball possession à the break while the Nantais strucké more (6 shots against 3).

After the end of the first period under tension, Jér& ocirc;me Brisard sends all the players to the locker room.

On the corner hité by Chirivella, Kadewere takes the header and the ball returns to the Nantes captain. He crosses at the far post for Pallois who adjusts Donnarumma with his left foot. 

21:48 – PSG on a tightrope< /h3>

What a rescue from Marquinhos! Found behind Danilo's back, Mostefa takes advantage of a misunderstanding between the defender and Donnarumma to resume and cross his shot. The goalkeeper pushes back with his foot and Cozza takes it back at the far post before seeing the Parisian captain push back for a corner.

21:47 – Two minutes of added time

Two minutes of play are added to the regular time.

21:45 – Nantes claim a penalty

The Parisian corner is well repelled. In the process, Chirivella launches Kadewere which transmits to Castelletto. Mont&eac; At the forefront, the defender crosses for Douglas Augusto who takes the ball. Tackle by Lucas Hernandez, the midfielder remains on the ground and claims a penalty.

21:44 – Pallois du buste

In the Nantes penalty area, Nicolas Pallois pushes back a cross from Lucas Hernandez for a corner.


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