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DIRECT. Spain – Croatia: La Roja manages, follow the match

Spain dominates Croatia and leads 3-0 in this first shock of Euro 2024. Berlin. Follow this Group B meeting live howé in our company.

< img alt = "Spain score" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/aqi1mzupit3_vxmsnh5o1gphsm=/450x/smart/aa7fb6e8fc044dd898a494665b90d118/ccmcms- .png " /> Spain 3: 0

DIRECT. Spain – Croatia: La Roja manages, follow the match

Croatia gets a penalty! After a huge restart error from Unai Simon, Petkovic inherits the ball and prepares to take the lead. hits the empty goal but Rodri hits him from behind and knocks him down. Penalty according to Mr. Oliver!

19:37 – Spain in control

The Spanish have left weather the storm after returning from the locker room and are now managing the end of the match perfectly. Heads bowed, the Croats seem to no longer believe it.

19:33 – Croatia: Kramaric replaced

Croatian coach Zlatko Dalic makes another change. Andrej Kramaric, interesting but clumsy in the last gesture, is replaced; by Bruno Petkovic.

19:32 – 20 minutes à play again

There are 20 minutes left in this match between Spain and Croatia but it is difficult to imagine the Croatians, trailing 3-0, come back at the end of the match. 

19:28 – Spain: Morata asks à go out, injured

Hard blow for Spain on this beautiful evening. Captain Morata, first scorer today, requests the change after having visibly taken a blow in a duel. It's Oyarzabal who comes into play. Merino also replaces Nico Williams at the same time.

19:26 – Croatia: Modric and Kovacic come out

Luka Modric and Mateo Kovavic are replaced on the Croatian side. from Croatia. Luka Susic and Mario Pasalic come into play in the middle of the field.

19:24 – The Spaniards are in the stands

In the stands of the Olympiastadion, the Spanish supporters begin to cheer. room by throwing "Ol&eac;, Olé" during a long sequence of ball conservation. It may be a little early, the Croats haven't given up yet.

19:20 – Spain: Olmo replaces Pedri

The coach Luis de la Fuente can afford to manage his squad with the score largely in favor of his team. Dani Olmo enters à Pedri's place for the last half hour of play.

19:17 – Croatia: Perisic comes on< /h3>

Ivan Perisic enters the game on the sideé from Croatia. The experiment 35-year-old winger replaces Ante Budimir for the last 35 minutes.

What an opportunity for Croatia! On the same action, Cucurella first saves a shot from Stanisic on his line. Behind, it's confusing, but Budimir and Kramaric cannot manage to make up for it. score with a header and the Spaniards clear in disaster.

What an opportunity for Spain to lead 4-0! On a well-negotiated counterattack, Pedri ends up shifting Yamal in the area to the right but Livakovic deflects the young FC Barcelona player's attempt.

19:12 – No change à the break

There have been no changes to this. the break, whether for Spain or Croatia. But Ivan Perisic, sideé Croatian, seemed ready à enter after returning from the locker room and we shouldn't take long à see him make his appearance.

19:06 – Intense duel between Carvajal and Kramaric

Author of an intense tackle on Kramaric, Carvajal took a shock during this duel and it is he who remains on the ground but he will finally take his place. 

M. Oliver whistles the start of the second period between Spain and Croatia (3-0). The Croats will have to score quickly to hope to return to this match, while the Spaniards are committed to the last 45 minutes.

19:00 – Spain must manage the second half well

The Spaniards have obviously succeeded the most in this meeting since they lead 3-0 in this first shock of Euro 2024. But they will now have to play Let's get through the second half without getting scared, because a Croatian goal could quickly restart this match.

18:55 – Croatia swept away

Croatia did not concede. lots of chances in this first period against Spain but already finds himself in Spain. led 3-0, after goals from Morata (28th), Ruiz (33rd) and Carvajal (45th+2). The Croats will have to achieve an exploit to return to this meeting.

Mr. Oliver sends both teams back to the locker room! Ultra-realistic, Spain is already leading the way. 3-0 against Croatia à the break.

Spain knocks out Croatia in added time! Following a corner played; short, Yamal ends up crossing inside six meters and Carvajal dives to tackle the ball into the goal of a helpless Livakovic. 3-0 for Spain!

18:47 – Two minutes of added time

< p>The English referee Mr. Oliver grants two minutes of minimum additional time in this first period between Spain and Croatia. 

18:46 – Kramaric tries his luck from afar

In front of the Spanish block positionedé low, Kramaric decides to try his luck from afar but fails to achieve his goal. framing his shot which seemed to have gone well.

What an opportunity for Croatia! Kramaric overflows well on the side. straight and achieves à center at the end of the stroke. At the second post, Gvardiol takes off with a half-volley and crosses his ball well but çit goes just wide. side. Unai Simon couldn't touch the leather…

18:40 – The game resumes, with Pedri

Slightly dazed, Pedri will still be able to resume after a short passage on the edge of the pitch. The game has resumed on the Olympiastadion pitch.

18:39 – Pedri remains on the ground

Pedri received a ball from Kovacic directly in the head and Mr. Oliver stopped the match so that the Spanish staff could deal with the youngster Spanish playmaker.

18:36 – Croatia sentenced to react

Croatia conceded two goals in three minutes and now finds his back against the wall in this meeting. Modric's teammates must react or risk jeopardizing their chances of qualifying, already.

< p>Spain takes the break and leads 2-0 after 32 minutes of play! While Kovacic had an opportunity to equalize, it was ultimately the Spaniards who scored. In the area, Fabien Ruiz eliminates Modric then Kovavic with a beautiful hook. each time before deceiving Livakovic with a left strike. 2-0 for Spain!


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