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Disappearance of Lina: her mother speaks again

A month after Lina's disappearance, while she was on her way to Paris on September 23, foot to foot the station to join her boyfriend at Strasbourg, the mother of the 15-year-old teenager expressed her "rage" and his "determination" à find his daughter.

She doesn't give up. A month after the disappearance of her daughter Lina, in Bas-Rhin, the mother of the 15-year-old teenager spoke again on Tuesday October 24. In a press release sent à AFP by her lawyer Mr. Matthew Airoldi, she confides her "rage" but also his "determination" à find your child who no longer gave sign of life since Saturday September 23, 2023, late in the morning. Lina then went to foot, at Saint-Blaise-la-Roche station, located at three kilometers from the family home. She had to take a train towards Strasbourg to find her boyfriend. Lina is today the subject of an investigation for “kidnapping and sequestration not followed by a voluntary release of more than seven days.” p>

In her message, Lina's mother thanks "all the gendarmerie forces who have done considerable work since the beginning" as well as the investigating judges who work tirelessly to ensure find Lina as soon as possible. And while the Strasbourg public prosecutor's office announced early October expect “Long-term investigations,” the mother assures: “My determination, anger, rage, push me to do anything. don't let go of anything and don't let go of anything. fight even harder."

And Lina's mother continued: "All those around me as well as the population are unfailing support, a strength in this terrible ordeal." ; For her, there is no doubt: "Lina's place is at home with her family and I will not give up until" let her be there." While she already had spoke in several media shortly after Lina's disappearance, her mother also took advantage of the news. of this new speech to make it known that she no longer wished to communicate further and, that Currently, if there were to be any further communication from him, it would only go through his lawyer.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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