Disclosed the identity of Berlin killer ‘Vadim Sokolov’: he was wanted in Russia as a ‘killer bike’, and then suddenly stopped (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Раскрыта личность берлинского киллера 'Вадима Соколова': его разыскивали в РФ как 'убийцу на велосипеде', а потом вдруг перестали (ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

The General Prosecutor’s office of Germany wanted to take over the investigation into the murder of Georgian citizen of Chechen nationality Salmiana khangoshvili, who was shot in Central Berlin August 23. This would mean that the German investigative authorities officially a suspect in the murder of the Russian authorities, writes Deutsche Welle, citing Spiegel Online and Die Zeit. The investigation of such crimes within the competence of the Federal Prosecutor’s office only in case of suspicion that they involved intelligence services of another state.

Still the German foreign Ministry and the office of the Federal Chancellor pointed to the lack of reliable information confirming the involvement of Russia to murder khangoshvili. Now the state office of public Prosecutor of Germany comes from the fact that the crime could have ordered the Russian state or state agencies of the Chechen Republic, writes the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The alleged shooter, known under a name “Vadim Sokolov”, is in custody in Berlin and has been silent. The Insider, Bellingcat and Der Spiegel in a joint investigation found out his real name and biography, as well as found new evidence that he was involved with the Russian authorities.

According to journalists, “Vadim Sokolov:” in fact, the name is Vadim Krasikov (born. 10.08.1965). Until 2015 he was wanted in Russia for murder, the circumstances of which are similar to the crime in Berlin. January 19, 2013 at his home in Moscow, was shot by a businessman from Kabardino-Balkaria albert Nazarov, the owner of a chain of restaurants and market in Nalchik. Behind him came a cyclist wearing a cap with a backpack (killer khangoshvili was also on the bike). Nazarov, who for 8 months prior to this attempt was already made, pushed the man off his Bicycle and tried to escape. The killer four times, shot him in the head and one to the body. The scene was caught on surveillance cameras in the entryway.

At the end of January 2014 in the Federal wanted list and wanted by the Interpol on this case was announced by Vadim Krasikov. It was a photo from the archives of the Interpol has helped journalists to determine what is “falcons” and Krasikov – one person. Krasikova is now no longer on the Interpol database, but searching for images in archive files allows you to find it easily.

26 Jun 2015 Federal wanted list Krasikova has been discontinued. In the “Integrated data Bank” MIA this name is no more, although the off-line database is a circular tracing number 2014 125 where includes the date of termination of the investigation Krasikova (26.06.2015) and date added information in the database (15.07.2015). This means that someone erased after the fact information on Krasikov from the base, said the investigation of The Insider, Bellingcat, and Der Spiegel.

Despite the request of Germany, Russia did not provide any data on the Krasikov, though, the authorities had a picture and fingerprints, which is enough to quickly determine the identity of the killer.

German investigators suspect that Russian security services could find Krasikova and recruit him to commit murder khangoshvili. For this, they created a fictitious person Vadim Sokolov. Another indication of a possible involvement of the state to murder in Berlin gives the Fax number that was discovered during the investigation. “Vadim Sokolov,” entered the territory of the European Union via Paris, by submitting an application for a Schengen visa in the French Consulate. We used a Fax number, which leads to the company in the past collaborated with the defense Ministry.

In a statement, “Vadim Sokolov,” on the issuance of visas was also allegedly listed his employer: JSC “rust”, the accountant and the General Director who signed the certificate. But in fact, according to the register of legal entities, the company is now in the process of reorganization. The passport, which the falcons entered the EU, with high probability were false: the person with such name, surname and date of birth is not in one of the Russian databases. The fact that the “falcons” despite that freely pass the border, there are only two explanations: either he was leaving knew the guards and gave leave to as operative intelligence, or at the time of departure, July 31, the “Falcon” was still in the database of passport data of the Russian Federation, and was later excluded from it.

In the opinion of the investigator khangoshvili, everything speaks in favor of the initial suspicions about the custom of state murder. Held at the moment, the investigation revealed no evidence of other motivated murders, on criminal connections, a murder committed in the Islamic environment of the feud, family feud, writes the Süddeutsche Zeitung (translation InoPressa). If after the investigation the General Prosecutor’s office of Germany really being accused of murder, it can lead to a significant diplomatic conflict.

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