Disconnect from Whatsapp in summer: So you can activate the vacation mode

    • The user can prioritize conversations and avoid interruptions without deleting them and without having to leave a group

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    Disconnect from Whatsapp in summer: So you can activate vacation mode

    Although it is not a new function, since it has already been started. I started talking about her almost four years ago, yes. it is an improved version. Whatsapp reactivates its 'vacation mode' so that those people who use this social network to have work-related conversations can disconnect this summer, especially if there is company. eros of work that have not yet taken days off, or have already returned, and with which groups are shared.

    Some time ago, the company had already introduced the 'Filed' folder on the chat page, where you can save those conversations you don't want to have on the < strong>main list.

    When a conversation is archived, it is not shown in the list of open chats, but the “Archived” icon appears at the top of the conversations. If that icon is selected, all conversations that have been archived appear. That is, the conversations are hidden, but they are not deleted.

    Thus, the user can prioritize conversations and avoid interruptions&nbsp ; of those that it considers less important, since it also disables notifications, as already explained. on Twitter last summer.

    To use the 'vacation' mode and archive a conversation, go to the tab that shows all the conversations and press and hold the one you want to archive. At the top of the screen will appear the 'Archived' option, which is an icon of a file with a downward arrow.

    To unarchive it, in the tab that shows all the conversations, click you can see, just above, the file icon with the down arrow and e and just above the list of open conversations it will appear. The same icon (the file with the arrow) next to the word 'Archivados', clicking on it will all the conversations that have been archived appear. Then you just have to press and hold the conversation you want to unarchive.

    There is also the option to archive all chats. From the menu From 'More options' -the three points in the upper right- you have to enter 'Settings' and select 'Chats'. Once there, the option 'Archive all chats' appears.


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